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Episode 10 is packed with sales tips. Matt and Daniel share their experience after meeting IRL for a sales workshop. They discuss the importance of answering the question: “People buy from us when?” as they revise underestimated sales tips that tend to be forgotten. They finish covering the importance of discipline in sales as a practice and staying true to the problem your business solves.

Daniel Perry

Daniel, although having spent most of his career implementing information systems for small to medium enterprises, has more recently co-founded several SaaS and VAR businesses in both the CEO and CTO roles. He has a track record and passion for working with innovative customers who want to maximise and optimise their investment in technology. After completing several hundred technology refresh projects, he shares his experiences as a CEO.

Matt Whyatt
The Salesman

Over the past 22 years, Matt has started ten successful businesses and has run four national and two international companies. He specialises in helping companies with complex and high-value products and services to cut through the noise and close more sales by attracting, engaging and empowering buyers. His hallmark sales strategy helps businesses develop a model to engage with their market, enabling buyers and leading them to become eager customers.

Episode 9

Matt and Daniel cover the pros and cons of using sales scripts. In this podcast, they share their businesses’ experiences assigning responsibility vs commanding outcomes, and they put their two cents on exchanging value in sales to improve customer experience. They finish covering the fundamentals of how to build momentum.

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The CEO and the Salesman Podcast explores today’s business issues for small and medium-sized companies looking to grow. Join Matthew Whyatt and Daniel Perry as they share lessons learned and provide practical tips for business leaders seeking to modernise marketing and sales strategies.

Episode 8

Compete or be unique? Creating a user experience and having an execution plan ready in case recession hits. Safety and security vs price, and promote change to create value.

Episode 7

Surprise public holidays and the impact of flexible work week. Is the 4-day week going to work? Productivity vs time and effort. Sales messages that are Feature vs Benefit focused.

Episode 6

The value of vision and mission. The custodians of the ‘why’; grow your business beyond the founder. Implementing ABM strategy, how to add value and grow.

Episode 5

Reporting, focusing on cash flow and sales forecast. The difference between targeting business results and not sales. The multiple hats of the CEO in a SMB and keeping it real.

Episode 4

The importance of knowing how your business makes money, building your team around customers. The importance of saying no, owning bad sales and reporting vs forecasting.

Episode 3

Vision and mission, is it necessary?What makes a CRM project successful. Growing your sales pipeline. Balancing  mangagement: box-checking vs oriented to outcomes.

Episode 2

What does it mean to have a 50% chance of recession? The strategy of growing a business by hiring more sales reps. The relevance of vision, mission and values.

Episode 1

Today’s business issues for small and medium-sized companies looking to grow. Lessons learned and practical tips for business leaders seeking to modernise sales strategies.


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