SuiteConnect was held in Sydney in February 2019. We, met with the RF-SMART team and discussed the Inventory Management tools available with their mobile solution built for NetSuite.

Whether you are a company that is already on the NetSuite platform or looking for an ERP solution that will help solve your inventory warehousing issues, RF-SMART is a solution to seriously consider. Not only does RF-SMART enhance existing NetSuite functionality, but it also extends NetSuite capabilities with features such as Cycle Counting, Pick Planner and Pack Station.

Speaking from experience, when Inventory Management becomes a discussion point during the sales discovery, common issues businesses have been and are not limited to:

  • Inaccurate Inventory; Cushion Stock, Stock in the wrong location
  • Missed Shipments & Order Reworking
  • Increasing Shipping Costs & Timeliness of receipting and fulfilling
  • Manually recording/keying transaction data into the current system
  • Human counting and keying errors
  • Operation shutdown to complete stock takes
  • No picker planner for staff to fulfil orders
  • Transactions entered after the fact
  • Human counting and keying errors

RF-SMART enables businesses to automate processes by and not limited to:

  • Enabling transacting from Purchase Orders as soon as items have arrived
  • Scan and put away items
  • Alerting the users if the items are required right away or if there is a storage
  • Workers are set on the most efficient picking path
  • Clear visibility to inform the user if items are in multiple locations
  • A pick is validated when the item is scanned
  • Replace operation stock take shutdowns with cycle counts
  • Eliminate human counting and keying errors with scanning

RF-SMART is another excellent solution that leverages the power of NetSuite. Whether you are currently on the NetSuite platform and want to enhance your WMS operations or looking to move to NetSuite and want to solve typical inventory/warehousing issues with scalable technology, RF-SMART is the solution.

For more information, visit RF-SMART

RF-SMART for NetSuite can be implemented in Australia through Solution Providers like Klugo. Follow us, we will keep you informed about the latest Solutions available to enhance NetSuite like RF-SMART.

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