Want to grow your company? Do these three things first.

Search the internet for “how to grow a business” and you’ll be flooded with tips, tricks and advice ranging from culture, customer experience and social media to strategy, risk-taking and breakthrough branding, to name just a few.

While much of this content is helpful, very few of these articles address the fundamentals of how to build growth into the fabric of your business.

Large businesses that consistently grow understand that growth is a fundamental part of the company’s DNA. Building your business on a solid foundation of customer-first centralised data and process improvement leads to both happy teams and happy customers – both of which are essential for growth.

Constantly improving every step of your customer value chain improves your business’ overall customer experience. This is best coordinated in an ERP that supports workflow optimisation, enhanced user experience and centralised decision support information.


Three steps to modernise business practices that will grow your business

1. Centralised decision support

By centralising decision support data and publishing a single version of the truth, we are ensuring that teams act cohesively to achieve the same goals.

By improving transparency, we can encourage team initiatives from the bottom up that react faster to customer demands than top-down command and control.

The impact of change must be measured to ensure success. Double down on positive initiatives and quickly abandon negative outcomes. Bedding down one version of the truth mitigates poor decision-making and improves team coordination.

2. Enhance user experience to improve productivity

Upgrading your systems to a business platform that enables you to enhance the user experience leads to faster take-up of improved business practices. More importantly, once your team understands that system changes are not only possible but encouraged and easy to implement, they will embrace continuous process improvement.

When you provide modern business processing tools and make it easy for your team to utilise them, you are enabling your team to focus on improving customer experience.

3. Optimise workflow to increase efficiency and customer happiness

The paradigm shift that comes with workflow optimisation is all about understanding how you can have the greatest positive impact on customer experience. This comes down to how your team performs when things go wrong. Making things run smoothly is easy. Establishing calls to action when things go bad is much more difficult.

Many companies fail to optimise workflow around exception and complaints handling:

  • Does your current system alert you when a transaction is stuck?
  • Do you have internal service levels to indicate poor customer experience?
  • Do you have a pre-determined action plan when a problem is identified?


Building on these foundations enables a business to rapidly improve its decisions, speed up customer service and close the customer value gap. The fundamentals of growth are found in how our business behaves, which is then expressed in terms of customer satisfaction.


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If you’re searching for a silver bullet to growth, consider focusing on the dynamic of your business first and foremost. You may be surprised at how much growth you can achieve when you have happy teams servicing even happier customers. All of this is only possible If you have invested in a modern cloud ERP that supports centralised dashboards, customer user interface and workflow optimisation.

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