Experience NetSuite MES

A Manufacturing Execution System that integrates accounting, sales, operations, and production management.

NetSuite MES is the one business platform that integrates accounting, sales, operations, and production management to provide end-to-end visibility of customer demand, supply chain, work order scheduling, and manufacturing routing.

NetSuite MES maximises your manufacturing performance

Built to drive every step of the manufacturing process, NetSuite MES provides real-time visibility to improve operational decision making to maximise efficiency to reduce costs and increase margins. 

A successful Manufacturing Execution System allows businesses to control multiple elements within the production process. Klugo helps you create a factory floor that provides real-time data for improved output.

Key Benefits

Optimised routing, scheduling and quality management reduces waste, re-work and costs.

With accurate cost tracking and production scheduling, goods are manufactured on-time and are available to promise.

Co-ordinate material movements and supply chain to minimise delay and disruptions to the production schedule.

Production Management

NetSuite MES allows businesses to run manufacturing operations more efficiently. The Production Management solution within NetSuite ultimately helps production scheduling make more informed decisions, with complete visibility over sales demand and supply chain, it is easy to optimise operational and material needs to meet your make-to-order or make stock commitments.

Determine expected labour and machine costs with more precision.

A fully traceable, quality controlled materials and order management system.

Predict material demand based on historical and forecasted sales.

Maintain and manage your quality and assurance tests with better data.

Product Data Management

  • It is now simple to define multi-level bill of materials with revision control.
  • Configure people resources, machines, and work centers as part of a production routing with cost templates that determine expected labour and machine costs. More visibility gives more predictability.
  • Item, document, quality assurance and case management provide complete control over the product lifecycle.

Work Order Management

  • NetSuite MES offers discrete manufacturing with backflushing of materials upon completion. Reduce wastage and optimise materials.
  • Teams can issue and track labour and materials as work in progress or track costing through routing.
  • Batch management for full traceability and quality control allows extra visibility.
  • Production information can be gathered from the shop floor through tablet interface and immediately reported in real-time to the top floor.

Planning and Scheduling

  • Integrated Demand Planning calculates and predicts material demand based on historical and forecasted sales. Then imported and forecasted to adjust for new and campaign-driven demand.
  • Material requirements planning will explode BOMs, check stock levels, and review demand along with committed and planned to purchase to determine planned orders.
  • In NetSuite MES, analytics is used to determine capacity constraints and to inform the production schedule.

Quality Assurance

  • Automatically mange quality assurance tests and inspections centrally with product master data.
  • Ensure compliance and visibility with automatic prompting for inspections to record test results. Additionally, harness the power of workflow-based management of non-conforming results.
  • Simply and quickly collate results in real-time as they are gathered from the production floor.

Klugo help you achieve operational excellence with your MES rollout plan. We help you find ways to become lean, more efficient and increase gross margin. Mastering operational excellence reduce cost, increase speed of operations resulting in more profit.

Production Floor Operations

A synergy between production floor and top floor for manufacturing businesses is paramount to optimising the output of your products. NetSuite MES offers a seamless process for production floor operations to perform their tasks.

Barcode Management

Supports barcoded travellers and work station tablet app to tack labour and  material consumption.

Instant Floor Feedback

Human Machine Interface Tablet to prompt data collection and provide instant feedback to the user.

Real-time Analytics

Analytics gathered from production floor reported in real time to production scheduling.

Client Testimonials

“We asked Klugo to think creatively, and together, we solved the NetSuite setup; it was a massive win for us. Our account managers can be out there in the community instead of sitting behind a computer inputting orders.”
Ellie Davidson
Operations Manager, TLA Merchandise
“Klugo tailored NetSuite to the needs of a machinery manufacturer, now it’s a task-driven application that suits our purposes brilliantly. We were able to reduce our customers’ wait time for deliveries and save on transportation costs.”
Jay Chirnside
General Manager, Kerfab
“Klugo were flexible and professional, supporting us in our hour of need. They enabled us to onboard a whole remote finance team and ensure continuity. I look forward to working with them to optimise dashboards and reporting so we can work smarter, not harder.”
Nigel Dearing
CEO, Nuffield Group