Who is Klugo?

Derived from the German word, “KLUG”, meaning clever, smart, intelligent, wise. We are operational excellence experts with a vision “to unlock the full operating potential of our customers and maximise their business value”.

What We Believe

At Klugo we believe that maximising operating potential reduces costs, improves sales and creates engaged employees all resulting in happy customers. To achieve operating potential a business needs 360-degree visibility of information, process and people.

We believe this, because we have lived it by deploying NetSuite into our own Wholesale Distribution company. We know the pains your business can go through without the right systems in place.

We also know the benefits of a system such as NetSuite + NextService to help manage and run your business. We believe in this so much we founded Klugo to deliver the same benefits to other companies like us.

What we do.

Klugo deploys, supports and optimises Oracle NetSuite + NextService for wholesale distribution, manufacturing and field service providers operating in Australia and New Zealand.

We help business unlock their operating potential by incorporating operational excellence frameworks into our consulting and support services.

By offering a best-in-class business platform enhanced with best of breed apps aligned 100% with our customers true needs we ensure that our customers have best possible experience with our professional services and selected solutions.

Through experience we know that the driving force behind achieving operational excellence is continuous business process improvement which is why business process management is the foundation of our popular optimisation services.

Experts in Oracle NetSuite

Klugo are also expert in the Oracle NetSuite business platform and offer a full range of professional services including:

Deployment, data migration, user onboarding and launch support.

User enablement, support, workflow, scripting, administration, dashboards and analytics.

Optimisation and business process improvement initiatives.

Oracle NetSuite Award 2020

Our Vision

“To unlock the full operating potential of our customers and maximise their business value.” Klugo helps customers achieve operational excellence by transforming business for rapid growth and scale.   

Our cloud business systems

We are a leading deployment partner for Oracle NetSuite, NextService and Verenia CPQ.

We specialise in wholesale distribution, warehouse management, manufacturing execution, field service management and configure price quoting systems.

Our Minimum Viable Solution (MVS) approach ensures that we engage the ROI as soon as possible for your business.

Partnering with Klugo to grow your business

We engage for the long term to ensure that customers maximise their return on investment (ROI) and build tangible business value by focusing on our mission to help customers achieve operating excellence using NetSuite + NextService.

Our customers

Industry Solutions

We are experts in equipment fabricating, shipping, asset maintenance and repair businesses. Our tailored solutions work for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and management of field service teams.


Manufacturing businesses use NetSuite as the solution for operational excellence. Australian and New Zealand manufacturers use ERP to improve productivity, manage supply chain and adopt industry-leading practices. Overall business improvements are achieved when implementing a modern ERP.

Wholesale Distribution

Achieving operational excellence for wholesale distribution businesses can be challenging. Operationally excellent distributors are using ERP to tackle disintermediation in their industries by setting up business strategies that allow them to be more effective, consistent, and react quicker to disruption.

Field Service Providers

ERP delivers operational excellence for field service businesses. Field service businesses use NetSuite to improve customer service, scheduling, dispatch, filed service, real-time stock and procurement. By adopting NetSuite leading practices, field service companies improve productivity and service levels.