Explore Your Future with Klugo: NetSuite Careers Redefined

Discover a career at Klugo, where innovation meets expertise. Join our growing dynamic team shaping the future of NetSuite optimisations and implementations. Elevate your career in a collaborative environment that values diversity, open dialogue, and continuous learning.

Klugo Culture

Klugo has evolved beyond being just a workplace; it’s now a community of forward-thinking industry professionals. Our origins as a Wholesale Distribution company have shaped a tech culture centered around efficiency, customer service, innovation, integration, and agility in the face of disruption. Join a team where your unique insights contribute to a welcoming environment that fosters growth and success.

We develop clever software and solutions that extend the NetSuite platform.

Open Positions

Join Klugo’s dynamic team reshaping NetSuite consultancy! Explore open positions for experienced professionals in manufacturing, field service, and wholesale distribution with ERP system expertise. Your skills are crucial to driving innovation in business processes. Apply now for a transformative career in a vibrant tech environment.

NetSuite Functional Consultant

Location: Melbourne, Australia

As a NetSuite functional consultant, you play a vital role in the entire project lifecycle. You will collaborate on creating detailed work statements, engage in pre-sales, and guide clients through implementation.

NetSuite Technical Consultant

Location: Melbourne, Australia

As a NetSuite technical consultant, you are instrumental in tailoring comprehensive solutions and delivering tailored, high-performing systems that empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

Professional Services Manager 

Location: U.S Remote

As a Professional Services Manager at Klugo, you will play a pivotal role in Lead end-to-end project execution, mentor a dedicated team, and cultivate client relationships, optimising our delivery services in the U.S.

Expertise and Opportunity

Are you an experienced professional in manufacturing, field service, or wholesale distribution, well-versed in ERP systems, processes, and logistics? Start your transition into a consulting position where you can apply your expertise to help other businesses achieve operational excellence.

NetSuite consultancy expert

Shape the future of business processes in an environment that values skill development and impactful contributions.

Transition into consulting

Use your boasting experience with ERP systems and make a transition into a NetSuite consulting role.

Remote Work Advantage

Embrace the benefits of a remote team at Klugo. Experience the flexibility of working from anywhere while enjoying the accountability, agility, and objective-driven focus of our collaborative work culture. Connect seamlessly with a global team and redefine your career path with Klugo.

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