Business Operations

The FSM Experience

Connecting field teams with the rest of the organisation, wherever they are.

We Simplify NetSuite FSM

Our FSM experience is about simplifying your teams connectivity: smooth scheduling, handy mobile tools, user-friendly interfaces, live data.

We engage and connect with you.​

We take time to understand.

Our FSM approach is personalised.

What we do
We support your field operations team with agile consulting to design an FSM journey that fits seamlessly, encompassing data migration, customisations, training, and business workflow streamlining.
How we do it
We implement NetSuite Field Service Management (FSM), a comprehensive cloud solution for managing field operations, enhancing mobility, and customer service.


We’ve used NetSuite FSM for more than ten years to improve field operations.

Our team of certified field service experts understand field mobility and NetSuite.

We tailor a platform that simplifies your on-site operations.

Efficient schedule and dispatch

We set up automatic service request assignments and train your team to skill-match technicians and teams using simple drag-and-drop tools.

360-degree field view

Our goal is to give you visibility of your field operations and track staff location and work order status, van inventory, and warehouse stock.

End-to-end workflows

We work with you to achieve smoother operations, automating parts management, billing, expenses and customer service, leaving no gaps.

Field tools and mobility

Connect your techs with accurate data on inventory, service history, manuals, and guides, plus easy workflows and forms for spot-on job execution.

On-site transaction processing

Generate quotes, accept payments, and schedule new service requests directly from the mobile app.

Improved job profitability

Boost First-Time Fix Rates (FTFR) ensuring that all resources are on hand and minimise shrinkage with field barcode scan.

Enhanced financial visibility

We help you handle contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLA), plus show your team how to report on maintenance contract profits with service-level costs and revenue models.

NetSuite FSM Features

Unifying Teams

We bring everyone together with ERP—sales, inventory, warehouse, accounting, and more—into a single source of truth, whether you’re starting or expanding with NetSuite.

Digitised Service Crew

We’re here to help service companies go digital with NetSuite FSM. With these mobile tools and centralised ops, everything runs smoother, from field to office.

Job completion simplified

Technicians can attach customer and asset details to a service request on their phones, even in remote areas. Offline records sync automatically once reconnected.

Dynamic forms

Empower technicians with custom workflows, checklists and forms for better accuracy. Custom fields help standardise data and validate forms.

Inventory in the field

Maintain detailed stock records using field barcode scans and serial numbers. Reduce shrinkage by tracking real-time consumption and conducting cycle counts.

All transactions in one place

Empower technicians to customise quotes, discounts, and terms on the go. Mobile access to job, customer, and asset history. Efficiently plan routes with quick links to favoured map apps.

Simplify expenses

Technicians can enter expense reports and time sheets and schedule new service requests and work orders from the mobile app.

Industries We Know Well

Machine Movers

Struggle with scheduling techs, tracking machine maintenance, and managing service calls. Klugo uses NetSuite FSM to optimise technician schedules and track machine performance, leading to quicker response times and more efficient maintenance.


Coordinating installation schedules, tracking job progress, and managing field teams is challenging. Klugo uses NetSuite FSM to provide real-time job tracking and team coordination, ensuring installations are completed on time and within budget.


Dispatching techs, tracking service calls, and managing maintenance is precision work. Klugo uses NetSuite FSM to streamline dispatching and provide real-time updates, enhancing communication, service delivery, customer support and billing.

On-Site Auditing

Lost with scheduling audits, managing auditors, and tracking progress? Klugo uses NetSuite FSM to streamline scheduling and monitoring, ensuring audits are completed efficiently and reports are accurate.