The art of being the middleman in a competitive industry.

As Australia’s population grows and the need for housing picks up steam, the vertical construction industry will grow and recover.

When we see those amazing buildings going up everywhere, we often forget about the crew behind the scenes. There’s a whole bunch of suppliers, like the guys who provide the machines, who really keep the show running. The entire construction game keeps going strong because suppliers are tough and learn to work smoothly.

Despite all the chaos in the past years, construction suppliers make sure the technology needed keeps rolling in. From heavy machinery to building systems like lifts, HVACs, and automated access gear, these suppliers are truly unsung heroes, making sure the construction industry can deliver.

But keeping smooth operations —vendors, customers, and contractors— is no easy task. These businesses are always caught in the middle, pulled in multiple directions, like a referee in a match.

To deliver on time, things must run like clockwork.

If you don’t have a proper centralised system like an ERP, your project management and resource allocation end up all over the place.

And this chaos doesn’t just sit there quietly. It eats up time and money dealing with all sorts of disconnected systems and doing things manually. It’s like trying to build a house with a hammer and nails— not when you’re a technology provider!

To top it off, getting the best deals from vendors and making sure the right tradies are on the job to finish on time, well, that’s a whole different ball game. You need clear visibility across the board.

If you’re after a game-changer, demand planning is your ticket. It helps you stay ahead of the game by predicting what the construction companies will need from you. This boils down to better inventory management. You can figure out exactly what your business needs without overbuying stuff that’ll drain your wallet and gather dust in the warehouse.

A game-changing tool for equipment suppliers.

NetSuite is the ERP we recommend for equipment suppliers, giving them a leg up and a clear picture of everything in their business. With Netsuite, they can handle projects from start to finish.

Netsuite comes with a slick CRM that can track all customer interactions, projects, sales, and documents. It also keeps tabs on communications, contacts, and contracts between vendors and contractors.

Netsuite also has native Field Service Management (FSM), letting tradie crews access project details, update records, and collaborate with the office in real-time using their mobiles.

Once all your business data is in NetSuite, activating the NetSuite Demand Planning module helps build those super useful forecasts to improve inventory management.

NetSuite has construction suppliers’ backs covered. It helps them stay sharp, plan ahead, and smash through the hurdles.

In this industry, it’s all about building your dream crew.

Let’s unpack this: To get you started with Netsuite, it’s good to work with an experienced crew like Klugo. Our team is skilled at maximising NetSuite for construction equipment suppliers.

Sounds easy because we make it easy. Aquatec, one of our customers, aimed for more visibility and efficiency. Tanya Caruana, Business Process Manager, mentioned they needed a system that would grow with their business.

“We found that NetSuite was the only system that was fully integrated, cloud-based and didn’t need to be over customised from the beginning,” —Tanya said— “Its out-of-the-box capability met most of our needs, and the additional modules and customisations would cover the rest of our unique requirements.”

Klugo helped Aquatec jump that last hurdle and swiftly deployed a personalised tool for their wastewater solutions business. Just over twelve months later, Aquatec saw significant productivity improvements.

“All information is centralised, and the soft links make it easy to find the detail we are looking for – this is key to our business as we can pull up customer history or inventory levels in no time,” said Tanya

Aquatec had good systems in place, but they took it up a notch by integrating all those scattered software bits into one smooth, efficient, and data-packed system. Now, they can see everything clearly, keep their data spot-on, and have better control of costs and finances.

“The system helped us eliminate duplication, and we understand all our data. NetSuite allows us to plan sales trips, record information and not lose sight of viable opportunities.”

Aquatec are already eyeing up phase three with Klugo, ready to keep riding that wave of growth.

Going with a NetSuite partner who knows the industry was a smart move for Aquatec. It set them up for success with a tailor-made setup.

Partnering with Klugo can do wonders for your own business too. It’s all about squeezing every bit of goodness out of NetSuite and staying sharp in the vertical construction game, quietly shaping Australia’s skyline from behind the scenes.

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