Project jugglers: delivering for construction one project at a time.

The construction industry is the nation’s third-largest, according to the Australian Constructors Association. It brings in $137 billion annually, making up 7.2% of Australia’s total economic activity.


This sector employs 1.17 million people, which is 9.6% of the workforce, and accounts for about a third of all registered businesses. Construction doesn’t just build structures; it builds the economy by creating a ripple effect that boosts other industries and creates more jobs.

Beyond the dollars and cents, construction shapes how we live. From breathtaking architecture to awe-inspiring buildings, the vertical construction industry changes our landscape and lifestyle.


Keeping all balls in the air.

Supporting these magnificent structures and behind the big construction companies are the suppliers. Suppliers juggle multiple projects for different construction companies and various types of buildings, maximising the profit of each project, all while working seamlessly as a unit. Project managers know the importance of delivering projects on time and budget. Vertical construction suppliers are real jugglers, handling complex projects one after another without dropping the ball.

Dropping one ball can have serious consequences, even for a medium-sized business. Cloud systems can help suppliers keep everything in sync. Enter ERP software, the do-it-all tool for construction suppliers, keeping everything connected across different departments to control project costs, speed up installations, and get billing done faster.


Mastering the art of project juggling.

Being a project juggler for construction companies isn’t easy. You’ve got to handle supply and inventory, customer relationships, service contracts, compliance, sales, contractors, crews, installations… It’s a lot to keep up with, and boosting efficiency is a must.

Centralised data makes connecting all these different areas and players easier. That’s why bringing software like NetSuite makes sense. But even a powerful tool like NetSuite needs to fit your business, whether you’re installing windows, floors, kitchens, HVAC units, lifts, or access points. Every supplier has unique needs, you need a tech partner who gets the construction game.

That’s where a NetSuite partner like Klugo comes in. A partner with industry experts aligns with your team to roll out a personalised installation. They help you track customer interactions, manage service requests, keep historical data, and provide personalised service.

A good tech partner will help you whip up templates for service contracts, projects, and maintenance plans. They’ll also sort out alerts, dashboards, and workflows. Plus, they’ll tailor a platform to suit your needs, making your job as a project manager way easier.


An extra set of hands.

Managing projects, customers, vendors, contractors, and field staff will always feel like juggling, but with a team like Klugo, you have an extra set of hands. The once-complex task of tracking inventory, people, and billing becomes automated with NetSuite.

NetSuite can even simplify compliance tracking and reporting, ensuring you never drop the ball. With quality control processes, inspection workflows, and cloud documentation, it is easy to meet regulatory requirements. Giving you peace of mind in a high-risk industry.

By getting things running smoother and keeping an eye on costs, sales, and projects, you’ll have more time to think about growing and planning smart. Once you’ve got your daily grind under control, Klugo can push you forward. Use NetSuite to get a differentiation and stay ahead of the game.

Some construction suppliers tell us that they have had a tough time getting NetSuite to click with their business. They were baffled by the corporate talk and tricky licensing. However, discovering a partner who spoke “Australian” and was more hands-on changed everything.

We’ve been a part of lots of construction suppliers’ transformations since they partnered up with us. We got each other, sorting out all those licensing headaches and crafting custom setups that fit just right. Our success is seeing everyone in their businesses working together and working smarter.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a NetSuite partner who truly gets construction suppliers, Klugo is the way to go. We’ve got your back, and we know how to simplify the journey to NetSuite. Cheers to keeping projects in the air!

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