About Allcon

Allcon Group have 25 years experience as a specialist supplier to the concrete construction industry, offering a range of products from concrete finishing, power tools, generators, formwork and more. Allcon’s company value proposition is “Saving customers time”, so to support this, Allcon needed an eCommerce platform that would be easy for customers to use and deliver them business efficiency. SuiteCommerce Advanced was an obvious choice for Allcon as they are already experienced NetSuite users. Having one system that is fully integrated will enable Allcon to maximise their business efficiency as well as create a better customer experience.

Challenges Faced Before Implementation

As a company that prides itself on superior customer service and delivery direct to customer work sites, their previous solution didn’t adequately support their business model or allow for growth. Harvey Weeks Marketing Manager at Allcon, said their B2B website lacked integration with their current business systems. “A significant challenge was the lack of integration between our existing website and SuiteCommerce Advanced. The website was the only business system that was ‘outside’ Netsuite,” says Harvey. Order processing was manual – with customers placing a request for quote online and then each order manually processed by an Allcon customer service team member. Customers were unable to complete their purchase via the site, making the order process longer and increasing Allcon’s cost to service customers. Allcon’s 3 FTE customer service staff would process up to 150 phone orders per day – they needed a solution to help divert customers online and free up these resources and allow the business to grow.


Business Requirements Allcon Needed to Implement

Allcon engaged Klugo to develop and implement a NetSuite SuiteCommerce solution that would meet the the purchasing needs of Allcon’s customers and Allcon’s business requirements via a secure B2B website. This new eCommerce site would need to achieve the following:

  • Ensure it’s easy and fast for customers to order
  • Reflect the Allcon premium delivery service with freight calculations
  • Ability to save orders and come back within a set period
  • Ability to review past orders and reorder
  • Ability to order items on backorder
  • Ability to lookup order status
  • Purchases done with credit card payment – (EziPay payment gateway).

Due to the nature of their businesses, a high percentage of Allcon’s customers also access the website when on site at a job – with up to 40% of website views coming via mobile device. A key requirement was for the website to be fully responsive across any device and allow Allcon’s customers to find product information quickly and place orders no matter where they were.

Business Improvements

Since implementing the SuiteCommerce Advanced eCommerce solution, Allcon have found that their website has significantly improved business efficiency. Their customers have also responded very favourably, with more and more customers choosing to transact online rather than via phone. “Importantly, customers love our new website! Our efficiency has been improved in a number of ways – including management of products etc. on the website, and from the fact that existing customers are now purchasing online rather than by phone, which leaves us more time to do more important things such as selling to new customers,” says Harvey. “Now a customer can place an order online, and this goes straight to despatch. Previously, the customer had to phone in and we manually entered the order. “The website will continually grow and evolve with the business, as we take on new product ranges and geographical locations,” “The Klugo team have been excellent to work with.” he says.