Australian sheet metal machinery importer and distribution company Headland Technology were looking for a service management software system that would ensure efficient field service management of  their remote workforce. Headland had tried and tested multiple service management systems, at one stage running three systems simultaneously in order to gain organisational efficiencies.

“We experienced a number of pain points such as the duplication work, additional administration functions, cost of systems management and IT support required, it was evident that the disparate systems and databases were not going to sustain our business as we were continuing to grow – and, finding a solution was priority.”

Richard Kloe, Headland’s Managing Director.

NetSuite, a game changer for operational efficiency.

Klugo supported Headland to deploy NetSuite, the world’s #1 cloud business management software, consolidating four separate systems. NetSuite’s combination of positive user experience in the single cloud-based business system was the solution that helped Headland achive a single view of their customers and real-time analytics & KPI reporting via dashboards.

They saw a huge reduction in administration costs due to elimination of duplicated data entry and automated workflows. Headland found that having one system eliminated multiple handling and data manipulation. As well, having a change in work practices such as invoicing in the field, rapidly sped up their process.

Initially Headland chose to deploy a third party service software and interfaced it with NetSuite, however, it found much of the same constraints previously experienced with disparate systems. Due to NetSuite’s open architecture, Headland with the help of Klugo decided to develop their own field service software system to provide the end-to-end solution and a 360-degree view of the customer.

With full control over customisation and working directly within the system to overcome issues of integration, management and maintenance – NextService was developed by Klugo.


NextService – The Next Step

The combined view of all sales, service, finance and marketing activity has been the key benefit of NetSuite’s adoption. Now, with NextService, Headland has the ability to effectively control and automate all service projects, end-to-end parts management, software and contract maintenance management and general reporting.

Since implementing NextService, Headland has seen improved customer satisfaction due to enhanced communication, including automated emails with job details, escalations and reporting.

“NextService has really helped us increase the  as they now have the ability to know where all resources are at any given time, we now have a complete visibility of our customers in real-time, enabling us to be better prepared and able to service customer requirements.”

Richard Kloe, Headland’s Managing Director.

NextService was the recipient of NetSuite’s YOUR SUITE award 2017 for best internal field service software development. “NextService delivers Headland’s scheduling of maintenance and repair work, project installations, breakdown support with increased speed and clarity, ultimately benefiting the customer with greater accuracy, faster response, and problem resolution,” Richard says. 

Furthermore, Headland saw a 98% reduction in lost stock and tools alongside the adherence to mandatory compliance requirements, with all paperwork eradicated.


Key Benefits of NextService:

  • One customer view with drag-and-drop scheduling capability
  • Mobile device integration
  • Automated service reports and invoicing
  • Parts ordering from the field
  • Improved administration productivity and efficiency
  • Improved customer communication and visibility
  • Ability to capture knowledge base from job records
  • Ability to report on in live time key performance indicators
  • Increased customer service capability due to improved data capture
  • No software installation, all upgrades are managed from the cloud 

Since implementing NetSuite and NextService they centralised all their software needs in a single solution, discarding old disparate systems and they have achieved a 100% reduction on paper usage. They have increased the utilisation and efficiency of their engineersexcellence with a real-time FSM platform that allows scheduling and dispatching with efficiency. They have increased operations with a platform that streamlines the process of installing, maintaing and repairing equipment in the field. 

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