Your construction machines are precise, yes. Are your profits also precision-driven? Technology is having an impact on the way suppliers do business with construction companies. But its effects are not felt evenly across the board.

Some machine suppliers ride the technology wave, while others are left behind. Where you stand in the uptake of technology is likely directly affecting your company’s bottom line.

As the CEO of a company that supplies and services hardware for the horizontal construction industry, technology presents a significant opportunity to get the visibility you need to optimise your processes and finesse your financial management.

Optimising production and delivery is often referred to as operational efficiency. It is the ability to deliver a project in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

The success of your operational efficiency directly reflects the profitability of a project by reducing costs and increasing profit margins.

The goal is to lower costs without compromising productivity, service, and quality. But it’s about more than just the money.

Using an integrated solution like NetSuite allows you to achieve more efficient operations, reduce wasted time and effort, increase team transparency, and improve data flow.

To ensure a successful and industry-tailored NetSuite implementation, choosing a technology partner with industry experience, like Klugo, is a strategic decision.


Precision dynamics: Kerfab’s recipe for growth.

Industrial machine manufacturer, Kerfab, is one of Klugo’s clients who have benefited from the technology NetSuite has to offer.

Nothing about what Kerfab does is generic. They manufacture made-to-measure attachments for wheel loaders and bulldozers, and the Make-To-Order model requires orders to flow seamlessly between business areas.

Although Kerfab’s business was thriving, their existing information system, an in-house ERP, needed help to keep up with demand. Kerfab’s General Manager, Jay Chirnside, received a word-of-mouth recommendation to use Klugo to help implement NetSuite.

“We heard very good things about Klugo from Headland Engineering, a regional NSW distributor of sheet metal machinery,” he said. “It turned out we made the right choice! Klugo took the basic NextService application and tailored it to the needs of an industrial machinery supplier. Thanks to Klugo, it’s now a task-driven application that suits our purposes brilliantly.”

Klugo integrated the different elements of Kerfab’s production system into a single information management framework.

The integrated production scheduling platform resulted in increased efficiency, reduced logistic costs and significantly shortened delivery times whilst still being able to produce custom, made-to-order items.


Improved profits are not a guessing game.

Financial data often resides in various systems, making gaining a unified view of economic performance challenging.

Cost tracking, invoicing, and revenue recognition can be error-prone without automation, and disparate systems can hinder timely and accurate reporting, affecting financial management and accountability.

Integrated tools like NetSuite’s Project Profitability and Revenue Management module allow you to closely track every project’s profitability, allowing for fine-tuning and refinement and making the most of your machines and service teams.

Having all data in a single source means accelerating growth and increasing profit margins through improvements to project profitability, resource management, revenue management and recognition.

Reporting profits by projects means your finance team can include sales orders as future revenue, allowing flexibility and planning for future revenue and earnings.

With advanced revenue management, you can reclassify deferred revenue or easily create revenue recognition entries, ensuring compliance with new regulations. It’s also easier to search by value price items.

Another way to become more efficient is automating bulk processes like weekly timesheets to allow for mass approval or rejection of time entries pending approval.

By optimising financial reporting, you can have accurate and up-to-date information about your business, allowing you to manage your cash flow better and make better decisions.


A shift with big impact on servicing construction.

Catering for construction companies is tough—they want top-notch service without breaking the bank. NetSuite is a game-changer here; it can help you make small tweaks to increase your profit margins. But you don’t have to figure it all out alone.

The journey to implementing business software is tough; we’ve all heard the horror stories.

It’s normal to underestimate the energy required to focus on all the complex details needed to ensure specific workflows can be translated from existing to new platforms. From the start, it’s a persistent effort to go live, with each stage adding complexity.

A good team coaching you through all these stages is crucial for software adoption.

Having a dedicated NetSuite partner like Klugo help implement the technology means that you have a team of software and industry-savvy experts helping you connect data across various departments of your business into one data-driven ecosystem that suits your specific business.

As the construction industry picks up speed and growth opportunities emerge, if you find yourself constantly playing catch-up with reporting and tired of exporting and importing spreadsheets to track where you were three weeks ago, it’s time to transition to a comprehensive business platform.

This move is the next logical step for any supplier entering a growth phase.

Because NetSuite works on a common data model with all modules, features and functions built together, you benefit from streamlined processes that save valuable time from being taken up with administrative tasks.

Klugo’s team of consultants have extensive experience working with suppliers servicing the horizontal construction industry, so they can tailor the software to exactly what you need.

About Klugo.

At Klugo, our goal is to make life easier for companies with fieldwork. We achieve this with NetSuite, an integrated platform that covers finances, scheduling and dispatch, maintenance, warehouse, production, sales, and more. We help businesses to keep things simple and better as they go—from initial deployment to continuous improvement— so their businesses run smoothly.

Need systems advice?

We get the ups and downs of supplying and servicing, and we know NetSuite inside out. We’re here to make your life easier. Call us for friendly advice on business software challenges like moving data, getting started, adoption, and running smoothly.

Let’s simplify your business!

“Our invoicing is complex and time-consuming, Klugo was key in configuring the bulk invoicing feature in NetSuite to reduce 70-80% of the manual time needed to review individual billing.”

Jack Ghiotti
Financial Accountant, TLA Merchandise

“Klugo were flexible and professional, supporting us in our hour of need. They enabled us to onboard a whole remote finance team and ensure continuity. I look forward to working with them to optimise dashboards and reporting so we can work smarter, not harder.”

Nigel Dearing
CEO, Nuffield Group

“Klugo tailored NetSuite to the needs of an industrial machinery manufacturer, now it’s a task-driven application that suits our purposes brilliantly. We were able to reduce our customers’ wait time for deliveries and save on transportation costs.”

Jay Chirnside
Kerfab General Manager

“We asked Klugo to think creatively, and together, we solved the NetSuite implementation; it was a massive win for us. Our account managers can be out there in the community instead of sitting behind a computer inputting orders.”

Ellie Davidson
TLA Operations Manager

“After meeting the Klugo team, I was confident they would be able to understand our business and our processes and would successfully help us focus our efforts during the implementation without sacrificing production.”

Greg Reeves
CIO, Henselite

“Klugo is very responsive, they were able to understand our business needs and personalise NetSuite for us, deploying an implementation that works even better than SAP, which is what our global brand uses.”

Kate Tomlinson
CFO, Paragon 28