Experience NetSuite CPQ

NetSuite Configure Price Quote will help you increase sales, reduce costs, improve production planning and speed up order fulfilment.

Give the sales team the ability to configure complex, error-free quotes and orders in a system that requires minimal training and support. A powerful tool for scaling a business.

Designed specifically for manufacturers and distributors

NetSuite CPQ enables a guided approach to users inside and outside sales teams to sell complex products and services with little training and support. A powerful tool to increase sale.

NetSuite’s Configure Price Quote solution provides a powerful experience for  growing teams. Allowing you to focus on providing a faster, simpler and more accurate quoting process for both your customers and your team.

NetSuite CPQ eliminates the need for engineers to be involved in the quoting process.

Key Benefits of NetSuite CPQ

NetSuite CPQ’s guided approach to selling allows users with little training to perform sales tasks and achieve it with less human error and faster sales cycle.

Achieve higher close rates with an enhanced customer engagement experience in the sales process. NetSuite CPQ uses live quotes, giving customers the ability to interact with teams on a deeper level.

NetSuite CPQ delivers a detailed bill of materials directly from the approved quote to the shop floor. Improving production and supply chain scheduling.

NetSuite CPQ Features

Powerful features that are specifically designed for manufactures and distributors. Empower your team to achieve more, in less time, with a system that takes the heavy lifting out of new product training and on-boarding new staff.

Product Configurator

A set of pre-defined rules that allow users to build complex quotes.

Dynamic BOM and Routing

Maintain all possible combinations of manufacturing revisions.

3D Product Visualisation

Automatically generate 3D CAD models and drawings for easy viewing.

Product Configurator

  • Enable users to select from product options to generate customer builds for quotations. Simple drag and drop.
  • By setting pre-defined rules and validations, users can use a simple point and click interface that guides them with images and instructions through the process of quoting.
  • Real-time data sourced from floor manufacturing teams ensures a quality and accurate quote and build.
  • NetSuite CPQ allows advanced configuration options with support for business intelligence reporting on sales pipeline performance.

Dynamic BOM and Routing

  • Define dynamic bill of materials and routing plans to eliminate the need to pre-generate and maintain all possible combinations of options.
  • Include validations for option selection which automatically update pricing, costs estimate, BOMs and routing plans. More options, more flexibility.
  • Use a rules engine to dynamically build BOMs and routing to reduce product master catalogue maintenance.
  • For complex installations and services estimates use the rules engine to recommend service plans based on the configured product.

3D Visualisation Process

  • 3D Product Visualisation to automate the generation detailed 3D CAD models, drawings, files.
  • Produce manufacturing information for the build using any CAD system to streamline the manufacturing process.
  • Providing 3D browser-based product visualisation helps sales teams to visually display dynamic 3D rendered images configured products.
  • With 3D visualisations comes increased close rates. Detailed drawings and files delivered direct to the manufacturing shop floor which reduces lag time and product costs.

Providing the tools for your team to work smarter, will in turn create a flow of value on to the customer. NetSuite CPQ is an innovative tool that simplifies complex sales processes.

Client Testimonials

“We asked Klugo to think creatively, and together, we solved the NetSuite setup; it was a massive win for us. Our account managers can be out there in the community instead of sitting behind a computer inputting orders.”
Ellie Davidson
Operations Manager, TLA Merchandise
“Klugo tailored NetSuite to the needs of a machinery manufacturer, now it’s a task-driven application that suits our purposes brilliantly. We were able to reduce our customers’ wait time for deliveries and save on transportation costs.”
Jay Chirnside
General Manager, Kerfab
“Klugo were flexible and professional, supporting us in our hour of need. They enabled us to onboard a whole remote finance team and ensure continuity. I look forward to working with them to optimise dashboards and reporting so we can work smarter, not harder.”
Nigel Dearing
CEO, Nuffield Group