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Our customers have eliminated paper-based manual processes, centralised their systems and gained complete visibility of their resources and operations. We support their growth strategies and help them deliver a flow of value to their customers.

“Klugo took the basic NextService application and tailored it to the needs of an industrial machinery manufacturer. Thanks to Klugo, it’s now a task-driven application that suits our purposes brilliantly. We were able to reduce our customers’ wait time for deliveries and save on transportation costs.”

Jay Chirnside
Kerfab General Manager

Paving the road for Kerfab’s success.

This case study looks at how Klugo helped industrial machine manufacturer Kerfab integrate the different elements of its production system into a single information management framework. But their success story doesn’t end there. The software engineers at Klugo went a step further and adapted the standard NextService SuiteApp into a bespoke task-driven application that revolutionised Kerfab’s production and delivery.

“We found NetSuite, but as we dug in, we realised we needed to adapt it. We asked Klugo to think creatively, and together, we solved the implementation; it was a massive win for us. Now, we use our resources better. Our account managers can be out there in the community. Sitting behind a computer inputting orders was not the best use of their time.”

Ellie Davidson
TLA Operations Manager

TLA customer experience unaffected by rapid growth.

This case study looks at how Klugo helped sporting goods distributor, TLA Merchandise, to integrate all the different elements of their business into a single platform, providing complete visibility of orders, suppliers and logistics. They sustained outstanding customer service during an accelerated growth phase. They now utilise resources better throughout the company, maximising profits and improving employee satisfaction.

Watch Shop for Shops’ success story

Watch this 5-minute video exploring Shop for Shops’ NetSuite implementation experience. Director David Witchell reveals the transformative impact of Klugo’s support and the seamless integration and strategic insights that shaped their success.

Our customers

“On behalf of Nuffield Group I’d like to express my profound gratitude and thanks to Alex and the whole Klugo team for their flexibility, sense of urgency and professionalism, supporting us in our hour of need. They provided a detailed overview of NetSuite and responded quickly to our specific training requirements enabling us to onboard a whole new (remote!) finance team and ensure continuity in some of our critical business operations at month’s end. I look forward to working further with them as we optimise and automate our dashboards and reporting so we can work smarter not harder.”

Nigel Dearing
CEO, Nuffield Group

The decision to go with NetSuite was clear, it was the best platform to support Henselite’s growth. I was entrusted to lead the project, and I knew it was a big challenge to bring all our different areas together into one platform, there would be hurdles and difficulties. After meeting with the Klugo team, I was confident they would be able to understand our business and our processes, and would successfully help us focus our efforts during the implementation without sacrificing production.”

Greg Reeves
CIO, Henselite

“Klugo is very responsive, they were able to understand our business needs and personalise NetSuite for us, deploying an implementation that works even better than SAP, which is what our global brand uses. I’ve personally used Xero and Myob before and I can say that NetSuite is by far a superior system.

Kate Tomlinson
CFO, Paragon 28

“TLA sells various products to different customers, to ensure we meet their expectations, our invoicing is complex and time-consuming. Looking to improve our billing process I decided to try NetSuite automated billing. Fred Farshad, Klugo’s lead consultant, was a key player in configuring the bulk invoicing feature in NetSuite to automate our invoicing. This has reduced 70-80% of the manual time needed to review individual billing, allowing us to focus on more strategic initiatives. Fred even recommended us to schedule the operations in the evenings to avoid downtime”

Jack Ghiotti
Financial Accountant, TLA Merchandise

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Helping for our customers achieve operational excellence is at the core of what we do. Read more stories below.

Headland Technology

Headland Technology supplies leading machinery technology, software and services.


Aquatec has had 30 years experience providing water and wastewater solutions.

Ecolab Healthcare Australia

Ecolab Healthcare is a leading supplier of both laboratory and medical equipment with over 2,000 customers.

Areas where our customers are saving money.

As their businesses grew, their data complexity increased exponentially. To continue executing well, they required accurate and up to date key performance indicators. This has helped them cut down on errors, improved their decision-making, and minimised revenue loss.

Quoting and Fulfilment

We have helped them solve complex pricing levels, inventory visibility, and automated billing. Our customers have real-time visibility of their operations, orders and warehouse.

 Sales Management

We have helped sales teams by simplifying complex quoting systems, decreasing on-boarding times, simplifing hand-over and leveraging NetSuite forecasting and reporting.

Manual Data Entry

We have automated our customers’ processes, eliminating manual data capture and spreadsheet imports. With centralised reporting, their admin staff is now data-driven focusing on growth.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, these videos are worth a million?

These brief videos can explain in less than 2 minutes why Klugo has selected the best-in-class business platform, NetSuite, to give our customers an absolute control of their inventory, supply chain, logistics, accounting, finances, CRM, and logistics in a single platform.

Overcoming Spreadsheetitis

/ˈsprɛdʃiːtaɪtɪs/. Noun.
The excessive use of spreadsheet reporting.

Our customers recognised that lack of real-time information generated high business costs. Lack of visibility into orders, procurement, logistics, and inventory risked their ability to react faster to changing market conditions and jeopardised customer service.

They decided to eliminate the overhead costs of putting together spreadsheets by automating and centralising data input. Now they make informed decisions in real-time, and their employees use their skills in more valuable tasks, instead of chasing information and importing data to disconnected systems.