A pot of gold in mining: suppliers sparkling with smart asset management.

The Australian mining scene is buzzing, giving suppliers heaps of chances to shine. But to stand out, they’ve got to bring new ideas. By getting smarter with operations, making better calls, teaming up, and diving deep into data, mining equipment suppliers can become top picks and gain a real edge.


One big help for mining suppliers is using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology with full Field Service Management (FSM)Our pick? NetSuite. We’ve seen it firsthand – mining suppliers transformed by sorting out their equipment management, nailing maintenance schedules and boosting efficiency.

Let’s dig into how mining suppliers can use this tech to boss gear management and shine in the Aussie market.


Unearthing success with smart asset strategies.

Asset managing for mining companies is a big deal – it’s all about keeping track of specialised equipment across different locations and managing technicians with varying levels of expertise.

Suppliers need to keep their data spot-on, including maintenance records, technical manuals and equipment wear and tear, while also making sure the correct staff is assigned to every job, maintaining downtime to a minimum.

NetSuite lets suppliers handle everything in one spot – live tracking, smart maintenance plans, detailed reports, scheduling and dispatch, GPS tracking, and real-time job status. Mining suppliers can see how their machines and staff are doing, automating tasks and making maintenance easier.

The handy mobile app makes it easy for workers to stay ahead of issues with proactive maintenance. It allows them to collect data and updates on location, simplifying real-time asset management.

With NetSuite, suppliers can manage assets better, cut downtime, and run a tighter ship.


Digging deeper: the key to success is centralisation.

But NetSuite’s not just about asset management– it’s a toolkit for running operations well. It’s about making smart moves with real-time data and insights. Businesses can keep an eye on stock levels, production schedules, billing, forecasting and customer demand, making quick calls and staying nimble in a changing market.

Plus, NetSuite is big on teamwork. It brings different parts of the business – sales, finance, and procurement – together for smooth sailing. This means fewer mistakes and a slicker operation all around.

Now, getting an ERP system that’s proven successful for mining suppliers is like finding gold. With NetSuite, all their data is in one spot, and everyone in the business knows what’s going on. This means things run smoother, there is better teamwork and more accountability, and staff can focus on the important things instead of chasing data and reports.

Here’s a taste of how centralised data can be a game-changer: when orders roll in, NetSuite updates stock levels automatically. The system can plan restocks based on past data and future needs, set reorder points, and even create purchase orders on its own. A centralised ERP can help suppliers from running out of stock or having too much, saving money and keeping things smooth.

That’s what it means to be a data-driven business – but it only works with a single source of truth.


Polishing the platform for success.

One big mistake companies make when getting ERP like NetSuite is not knowing what they really need from the start. It’s tricky to figure out the best setup with the fewest modules to get quick results and save money.

This can lead to a big, complicated, and expensive setup. It’s important to map out what you do, what problems you have, and what you want to fix. Only buy what you need and add more later.

That’s where Klugo comes in. We specialise in manufacturingservice, and maintenance. Klugo doesn’t just have NetSuite software expertise; they’ve got industry professionals who can fine-tune tools to fit the mining supplier’s needs.

When businesses partner with Klugo, they receive more than just an out-of-the-box ERP. Instead, they gain a tech partner that listens, understands, helps them sort out complex licensing issues, and crafts a custom setup tailored to their needs. Klugo’s success lies in seeing our customers’ staff working together and working smarter.

Mining suppliers have a ripper chance to shine in a booming market by embracing getting on board with NetSuite ERP, and with Klugo’s savvy, they can customise the solution to fit their exact needs.

So, if we’ve piqued your interest in NetSuite and you’re searching for a partner who truly understands mining suppliers, Klugo is your go-to. Feel free to reach out to us to bounce around ideas and get started on the right foot.

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