Innovation in Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, and Advanced Manufacturing

Modernise your sheet metal, fabrication and structural steel processing business. Klugo as your trusted advisors and digital transformation partners offer state-of-the-art smart factory solutions.

Experience a world-class integrated solution designed specifically for your industry with integrated CAD/CAM, MES, ERP, and analytics across cutting, punching, and bending technologies from multiple OEMs and manufacturers.

An integrated solution for all your cutting, punching and bending machines across all your operations.

Klugo has been awarded sole distribution rights as Lantek’s Solution provider in Australia and New Zealand.

Unlock your operational potential with our configured solutioning, deployment, support and systems optimisation.

Your long-term partners for operational excellence.

Sheet metal, fabrication and structural steel processing solutions

A single integrated solution for your end-to-end manufacturing processes, from quoting through purchasing and manufacturing order management to finished goods, including sub-contact operations.

Lantek solutions allow you to become leaner, reduce waste, optimise production, and deliver savings and significant ROI.

Key Benefits

Enhance effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Improve E2E process, enhance workflows, reduce waste, improve manufacturing quality and reduce costs.

Manage complex projects. State-of-the-art customisable software, command +1.4k machines, integrate operating silos, improve visibility in status and progress.  

Unified source of truth for all manufacturing processes. Enhance data-driven insights, improve management, reporting and governance.

Streamline your sheet metal, fabrication and structural steel processing manufacturing operations with Lantek Solutions

Lantek solutions are designed to optimise every aspect of the shop floor manufacturing process, from metal shop e-commerce and sales orders to production, works orders, cutting, bending, assembling, painting, sub-contract operations inventory, and finished parts.

It also includes powerful manufacturing analytics that provides deep insights into processes, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

The Path to Digital Transformation with Lantek Solutions

Experience next-level industrial transformation and unlock new opportunities with our tailored solutions. Align your strategic agenda, whether it’s Industry 4.0 (I 4.0), Smart Factory, Advanced Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), Artifical Intelligence (AI), Big Data or Analytics.


Nesting & Machine Control


Expert Cut
Expert Punch
Expert Quattro
Expert Duct
Expert Bend



Flex 3D 5 Axis
Flex 3D Tubes
Flex 3D Steelwork
Flex 3D CAD Addins


Quoting & Manufacturing


MES Manager
MES Capture
MES Inventory


Integra Quotes
Integra Sales
Integra Purchase
Lantek iQuoting
Lantek MetalShop


Analytics & Integrations


Manufacturing Analytics
Customer Analytics


Custom Software
System Integrations


Start your juorney to a Smart Factory connecting and automating all your machines in a single solution.

World’s Leading Machines Solution for Smart Factories

Klugo can leverage Lantek Expert, the world´s most advanced CAD/CAM nesting software system, designed to automate the CNC programming of all your sheet metal, fabrication and structural steel processing machines. With our solutions you can manage and control every machine in your workshop.

Automate cutting machines

Expert Cut. Automate all your CNC sheet metal cutting machines using oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, and water jet technologies with our CAD/CAM nesting solutions. 

Control punching machines

Expert Punch. Automate and control the CNC programming of sheet metal of all your punching machines with our CAD/CAM nesting solution.

Manage metal bending machines

Expert Bend. Transform your bending processes with an intuitive solution with advanced algorithms.

Optimise shearing machines

Expert Quattro. Optimise all your CNC shear machines’ nesting for rectangular parts. Maximise orders in multiple sheets and minimise the sheet formats.

Optimise HVAC ducts cutting

Expert Duct. Automate the calculation of heating, cooling and ventilation ducts with a complete library of parametric figures that covers most of the duct shapes available.

Advanced Manufacturing 3D Software Solutions

Klugo can help you deploy and optimise Lantek Flex3D, a flexible 3D CAD/CAM solution for automating the CNC programming for 3D machining of tubes, pipes, beams, profiles, and sheet metal. Control all your 3D machines with one single solution and achieve operational excellence.

Automate steelwork cutting

Flex3D Steelwork. Our 3D CAD/CAM solution helps you to centralise and streamline the design, nesting and cutting parts of beams & profiles.

Five-Axis centralised management

Flex3D 5X. Klugo can offer a centralised CAD/CAM solution for automatic programming of five-axis tools for laser and water-jet cutting.

Optimise tube work and cutting

Flex3D Tube. Optimise your production with our 3D CAD/CAM designed for nesting and cutting parts of tubes and pipes.

Import and manage CAD addins

Flex3D CAD Addins. With Lantek unfold and load any CAD design to use in any of your CNC machines through our expert solution.

In the globalised and fast-changing world of solutions, having a local experienced partner is best.

With Klugo, you get a local/global support model with a single point of contact for integrating world-leading solutions like Lantek, NetSuite and/or Next Service.

Our team will help you to maintain continual innovation in your technology evolution through enhancements and product development on these state-of-the-art global platforms so you can remain the best in the industry.


Continue the journey to advanced manufacturing automating all your production workflows.

Manufacturing MES Engineered for the Sheet Metal, Fabrication and Structural Steel Processing Industry

A complete and competitive solution to manage and optimise your manufacturing processes, having real-time control of all the activities and machinery in the workshop. Boost the productivity of your factory.

Manage all your manufacturing

MES Manager. Sheet metal software that manages all manufacturing processes in the workshop, from launching work orders to production plant to finishing the product.

Control and optimise your inventory

MES Inventory. Get a real-time view of the quantity and valuation of stock for each warehouse. Get updated information for all elements involved in the production.

Track all your work orders progression

MES WOS. Our solution provides all the tools required to collect and report real-time data directly from the machine’s operator workstation.

Capture critical data at any location

MES Capture. Manage and monitor real-time data from various sources and any location, e.g. production time, downtime, job status and information on operations.

Advanced Manufacturing ERP Modules

Klugo helps you leverage Lantek Integra, a set of complete and integrated functional modules, along with other systems and world-leading practices. Manage your manufacturing process, from the initial sale until the end service and continued support.

Automated quotes and CRM

Integra Quotes. A solution that supplies you with all the necessary information to optimise metal manufacturing sales and improve contact with customers and prospects.

Automated purchasing and forecasting

Integra Purchase. A world-leading platform designed to manage purchasing processes. Get real-time information involved with purchasing and delivery dates. Configure alarms and controls.

Sales platform for multidisciplinary teams

Integra Sales. A universal solution where all necessary information is available immediately to every stakeholder involved in the sales process. From design to purchasing and sales teams.

Cloud quoting that optimises materials

iQuoting. A cloud-based application tailored to metal manufacturing selling for simpler, faster and accurate quoting. Optimise material usage, access quotes from any device, anywhere, in complete security.

Our experience in the field makes us your best partner.

Klugo is part of the Kloe family-owned group holdings – with over 70 years’ Australian manufacturing experience and heritage. We believe in future integrated manufacturing ecosystems where people, machines and software solutions exist in harmony to maximise effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

We are focused on growth through innovation, building a ‘connected’ advanced manufacturing future embracing the power of technology.


Your journey to operational excellence continues with data-driven insights to drive business optimisation.

Powerful Manufacturing Analytics

Make good decisions with accurate information. Klugo delivers and optimises Lantek Analytics to provide you with reliable and real-time information relevant to your company’s production process, from the performance of each machine to the efficiency of a line or factory.

Manufacturing Analytics

Managing real data from the manufacturing process, data analysis and intelligent visualisation.

Customer Analytics

Sales funnel, Best customers map, Sales vs. margins, Quote history, Seasonality, Material consumption.

Control Panel

Complete factory control. Access the real-time status of machines, receive production notifications and customers.

Unleash operational power and gain business insights with Lantek solutions delivered by Klugo.

Looking to optimise your manufacturing and data information workflows? Forbes reports businesses using CAD/CAM integrated software solutions to save up to 50% on programming time and have increased their machine utilisation by up to 90%.

The complete Lantek solution empowers your business with cutting-edge modules for universal control across your sheet metal, fabrication and structural steel processing machines, from order management and design to production and shipping. No more wasted resources. Achieve operational excellence with Lantek.

Lantek solutions are fully proven globally with enhanced nesting-based solutions across multiple machine technologies, and OEM machine manufacturers (+550 OEMs & +1300 machine interfaces) and numerous other ERP and MRP systems, as well as enhanced file import and export from most of the market leading CAD solutions.

Contact Klugo today to learn how we can take your manufacturing to the next level.

Want to know more about the Lantek Suite?

Lantek is a world leader in innovation and technological competence among software companies serving the metal fabrication industry. If you want to learn more about their solutions click here:

Lantek + NetSuite implementation

Struggling to manage your manufacturing operations effectively? If you’re looking to implement systems solutions from CAD/CAM software to a full-suite ERP, look no further than Klugo.

As experts in implementing system solutions – both Lantek and NetSuite for manufacturers, we have the knowledge and experience to seamlessly integrate both systems to streamline your operations and ultimately drive profitability.

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