NetSuite Evaluation and Solutioning

Expert guidance to help you find the NetSuite solution that is right for your field service business. 

Our team of pre-sales NetSuite specialists and business consultants work with Australian field service businesses to evaluate their current position, provide advise on how to map NetSuite functionality to your daily operations as well as provide complete system solutioning across your entire software ecosystem. 

NetSuite Experts at your fingertips.

Undertaking an evaluation of business management platforms can be time consuming and often confusing. That’s why we’re here to help!

 By choosing to work with a certified NetSuite Partner you can be sure that not only will you get the best NetSuite functionality and solutioning but also independent 3rd party advice when it comes to negotiations and contract review. 

Our Evaluation Process




Our Business Consultants will conduct a qualification call with your project sponsor to gain a better understanding of your current business situation, pain points and what you are wanting to achieve with a new business management solution.



Your Business Consultant and Solutions Consultant will work together with you and your team to provide a high level overview of your current business systems, processes and procedures and map this information into a NetSuite demonstration environment in order to show you how NetSuite could work for you in real life. 



Together with your evaluation committee, our team will provide tailored demonstrations to key areas of the business to illustrate the efficiencies that NetSuite can provide. The demonstration is used to show real life examples transactions and processes are managed in NetSuite, such as scheduling and dispatch of field service jobs, and will give you a clear understanding of why NetSuite is leading the market. 



Upon completion of all demonstrations, your business consultant will work with you to finalise your initial NetSuite solution, including user and module requirements. We will then provide this documentation to our professional services team, along with our discovery and evaluation findings in order to get an Implementation Estimate for your review. Finally, we will provide you with a NetSuite proposal, that will give you all the information you require to make you final decision including price, implementation effort, resourcing effort and implementation processes and methodologies. 



NetSuite Negotiations

We are experts when it comes to negotiating and finalising your agreement with NetSuite. By engaging a partner, you will benefit from independent 3rd party advice along with our experience in securing the best deal possible 
Klugo NetSuite Buyers Guide

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