NetSuite Development and Technical Services

Klugo’ have one of the largest local NetSuite development teams in APAC. Our experts have built customisations, enhancements, scripts and products using NetSuite in built development tools so solve the unique problems facing our clients.

Winner of YOURsuite Award

Our Technical Development team developed award-winning NextService, Field Management Software, Built for NetSuite.

Developed within the cloud-based architecture of NetSuite. NextService is internationally recognised as the 2013 winner of NetSuite’s YOURsuite award for Best Internal Development, NextService was selected from more than 12,000 organisations and subsidiaries that implement NetSuite.

Accredited NetSuite Developer

Klugo is an accredited NetSuite Solution Partner and SuiteCloud Developer with a product development team dedicated to continuously improve our field service product ‘NextService’, built for NetSuite. NextService is in its 4th release since inception. The feature set and capability is continually reviewed and updated to maximise functionality made available through NetSuite product releases, client demand and other global/economic factors. 





The R&D Plan for Klugo and our Product Development Team is set by way of a product roadmap, with a collaborative approach across the business to ensure product functionality and usability is connected to the business requirements enabled through NetSuite.