Is it time for a NetSuite healthcheck?

Klugo are experts in helping existing NetSuite customers review their current NetSuite implementation, identify areas of risk or potential benefit, and assist with NetSuite enhancements and improvements.

If you are an existing user of NetSuite, or are having difficulties with your implementation, our team of local NetSuite experts are here to help. We have assisted many NetSuite customers evaluate their current NetSuite implementation and configuration, advise on remediation of any current issues or problems, including field service challenges, and provide solutions for ongoing improvement of your NetSuite system.

Step 1 – Understanding Your Business and Your Needs

Our Customer Success Consultants will meet with your NetSuite Administrator and Team Leads to better understand your business, your current NetSuite implementation configuration and the problems you are experiencing, both in the office and out in the field.  During this session we will identify areas that can be immediately improved and provide advice on long term improvements you may wish to consider. 

Understanding Your Business

Firstly, our Customer Success Consultants will seek to understand your business in more detail. By taking the time to understand who you are and how you operate, we are better able to advise and align your NetSuite solution to the business’s wider needs.

Understanding Your Current NetSuite Implementation

Our Customer Success team will also seek to understand your history with the NetSuite Platform, current partner arrangement and NetSuite licensing including your licensed modules, users and industry edition. We want to understand how NetSuite is used in the business.

Understanding Your Goals for NetSuite

Understanding your immediate and long-term goals for the NetSuite Business Management Platform will allow us to prepare for a detailed evaluation session with your NetSuite Administrator and Department Leads. We aim to focus on providing solutions to your immediate problems, as well as define a path for continued improvement in the future.

Step 2 – Business Requirements Defined

During the Business Requirements Session, our Customer Success Consultant will undertake a detailed review of your existing NetSuite set-up. We ask that you are prepared to demonstrate how your NetSuite users currently use the system on a day to day basis and aim to highlight any areas of frustration or potential improvement. We also seek to understand what other systems you might be using, to assess whether these disparate silos of information can be consolidated into the NetSuite platform. 

End User Walkthrough

Walkthroughs with end-users of your NetSuite solution help us better understand how NetSuite is used, or not used in your business on a day to day basis. Key areas that we cover include Marketing Automation, Sales and CRM Management, Accounting and Financials, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Work Orders and Assemblies, WIP, Routing and Field Service Management. We will also explore any other NetSuite modules you are using or are licensed for.

Services Scoping

During your Business Requirements Planning session, our Customer Success Team will guide you through a process of scoping in order to understand the immediate goals for NetSuite, and document a detailed plan in order to achieve a successful outcome. We will provide you with a detailed assessment of your current NetSuite configuration and provide advice on improvements and outcomes that you can expect from the project.

BRD Review

After we have provided you with our Business Requirements Document, our team will walk through our proposed implementation or services plan, and ensure that the wider needs of the business have been captured and planned for. This session will provide clarity around the outcomes of the project for stakeholders, end users and executives.

Step 3 – NetSuite Reparation and Execution

Following on from the Business Requirements Planning, our dedicated Customer Success consultants will commence work on your current NetSuite system and implement the changes and improvements that have been highlighted throughout the process. 

NetSuite Reconfiguration

Our consultants will reconfigure your NetSuite instance to align with the overall goals of the project. We advise that this happens in a Sandbox environment to minimise disruption to existing users and ensure our efforts do not impact your day to day operations.

Proof of Concept Demonstration

Your Customer Success Consultant will provide you with a demonstration of your improved NetSuite instance, including “day in the life off” walk throughs for key roles and users to ensure that what we have configured meets the needs of the business.

End User Training and Change Management

Once you are satisfied that the Proof of Concept meets your needs, we will undertake user acceptance testing and training to validate the solution with your team and provide assistance with change management of daily processes and procedures.

Step 4 – NetSuite Go Live and Continued Improvement

Going live with your improved NetSuite solution is exciting as it represents not only the conclusion of your NetSuite improvement project, but also provides a resolution to business problems that most likely have been causing frustration for users. 

Go Live Day

Our Customer Success Team will be there to answer questions, provide additional training and resolve any issues that may arise as you go live with your new NetSuite solution.

Go Live Support

After Go Live our Customer Success Team will be available to provide ongoing assistance and answer any questions your users may have about the new configuration of NetSuite.

Ongoing Support

Klugo offers a variety of support options for both new and existing NetSuite Customers, with packages designed to suit any type of field service business, both small and large.

Step 5 – Continual Improvement Through Managed Services

Klugo offers Managed Services and Support to our customers to ensure that help is always at hand. Our Managed Services offerings can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your business and are designed to encourage a proactive approach to the ongoing improvement and maintenance of your NetSuite solution.

NetSuite Help Desk & NetSuite Support

Klugo’s team of local NetSuite support consultants are highly skilled in fast and efficient resolution to NetSuite problems. Our customers enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Managed Services Manager and support consultants, who understand your business, your NetSuite environment and your people.

NetSuite Enhancement and Improvement

Managed Services are designed with your long term goals in mind. Our consultants meet with customers on a monthly basis to ensure that NetSuite is running optimally for your users and that you have a defined improvement plan to continue to expand the solution throughout your business and improve your ROI for the software.

NetSuite Customisation and Development

Klugo’s team of in house developers are experts in customisation, development and integrations on the NetSuite Business Management Platform. We can assist with NetSuite scription, workflow automations, module development and system to system integrations, both cloud and on premise. 

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We love helping NetSuite customers get the most out of their investment. Whether you need to review your existing set-up, are wanting to roll out additional modules and functionality, or just need some advice, our team are here to help. 

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