NetSuite 2022.2 release is here!

Are you Klugo’s customer looking to upgrade modules or optimise workflows with the NetSuite 2022.2 release?

This release is scheduled to go live in Asutralia in October 16th-17th, with an emphasis on increasing productivity and preserving margins.

It’s a great opportunity to optimise NetSuite and do upgrades to improve your operating potential. Would you be interested in a personalised demo of these new features? 

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Release Highlights

Our team sat down and hand-picked Cash 360 and Smart Count as the two updates that you should know about. We believe our customers in the distribution, manufacturing, and servicing industries can greatly benefit with them.

Read bellow a quick summary of these updates or book now a one-on-one free personalised demo.

 Cash 360

Cash 360 will allow you to manage cash flow easier, predict cash requirements better, and analyse your company’s liquidity. Providing you with real-time data of your cash position and capabilities to generate near-term forecasts.

Cash 360 Management Dashboard

Cash Projections

Inspect real-time cash projections with charts and graphs

Current Total Balances

Summarised views of bank balance, payables, and receivables

Summarised Balances

View AP and AR aging summary with pie charts by categories

Cash 360 Forecasting Dashboard

Forecast by period

Set forecast period preferences to see impact of future cash flows

Forecast by categories

Group account codes to predict cash flow for different categories

Financial Projections

Cash forecast table with projections of financial inflows and outflows

Smart Count

A new automated cycle counting solution that allows users to conduct inventory counts live, without freezing transactions in the entire location via mobile devices.

Avoid disruption

Minimise the interruption and impact on operations, counting does not require a total business shutdown.

Inventory count criteria

Counting based on:

  • Predefined criteria i.e., reorder point
  • Business rules and drivers

Streamline approvals

Preferences for administrators to choose what happens next i.e., inventory adjustments can be posted automatically.

Historically, businesses that thrive during a recession go on to grow rapidly during the post-recession rebound. Take this major opportunity to focus on your strengths and become as lean as possible.

The updates in NetSuite’s 2022.2 release can support your strategies to improve operations, overcome the economic slowdown and increase the flow of value to your customers.

Other updates worth noticing

Delivering products on time with maximum efficiency is key. NetSuite ERP warehouse and fulfilment features are supported across mobile and allow you to customise tasks to ensure accurate data collection for accurate stock and cycle counting activities.

Warehouse Management

Add backorders to an existing wave, WIP Bins for transfers, Bar code scanning. Not sure if you need WMS? Book a consultation.

Sales Order Route Management

Route sales orders through multiple locations. If you have fixed sales route routing will allow you optimise delivery times.

Manufacturing Update

Mobile app to real time track of time, quantity, pick to workorder. WIP Bins for transfers. FEFO Lot assignments.

Project 360 Dashboard

Centralised view of metrics and insights. New pages displaying overview, planning, budget, billing, and financial data.

Get ready for the release.

NetSuite releases are always welcome, but they can be overwhelming. If you need clarification on any features and advice on how they could improve your day-to-day business, we’re happy to help. We are your partner to integrate any of these updates into your business’ processes and unlock your operating potential with a focus on customer journey.