Field Service Business by nature are high contact. Whether providing break-fix repairs to customers equipment or managing installation and commissioning of new manufacturing machinery, being a field service technician means being onsite.

Field Service businesses, which traditionally have been paper-based are now looking at ways to:

  1. Streamline the scheduling and dispatch of their technicians.
  2. Digitise both the delivery of job, customer and asset details to their mobile devices.
  3. Enforce strict safety checklists and OHS processes.
  4. Streamline job data capture, progress updates, customer sign off and billing.

Traditionally, a Field Technician’s typical day involved a very high level of contact with various members of your front office, back office and warehouse teams, as well as the team members of your customers. However, by simply going digital, NetSuite and NextService customers have been able to eliminate the need for morning and afternoon paperwork pick up and drop off, as well as communicate with customers through video calls, rather than face to face.

They have also been able to rapidly adopt new safety policies and procures by implementing custom forms and checklists on the NextService mobile app to maximise compliance. 

Four Key Benefits of NetSuite and NextService

1. Eliminating Complexity in Scheduling

NextService has a NetSuite Native on-platform schedule board that allows your scheduling teams to quickly create jobs, review team members availability, proximity and skills and assign the case to the right technician.

Schedules can be edited on the fly, with notifications being sent automatically to field service technicians as and when things change.

2. Modern Mobility

The NextService mobile app, which works on any smart device becomes the key workspace for field-based staff. They are able to receive details of new jobs, asset and customer details and history, access a full case history of the customer and asset, and capture key information on their mobile device. From van-stock consumption through to time, expenses machine readings and more, NextService can be configured to suit the often highly variable requirements of different job types.

3. Empowering People to Follow Process

NextService as a Native extension of the NetSuite Platform can be configured quickly to capture any custom information you may require. This means that a rapidly changing world can be met with agility and adaptability ensuring that you are able to minimise any newly identified risks for your team and your customers by implementing adaptable checklists and procedures.

4. Streamlining the Flow of Data

As a built for NetSuite Native solution, any information that is captured in the NextService Mobile App is synchronised to your NetSuite ERP system in real-time. Front and back-office staff will have live information about field technician locations, job progress and be able to build-up to the minute field service management dashboards that empower quick and accurate decision making. Similarly, technicians are automatically alerted to any new job information or changes, which minimises the need for inefficient phone and email communications.

In Summary

At Klugo, we are passionate about helping Australian businesses adapt to change, and simplify their software ecosystem by investing in a modern, single platform of technology such as NetSuite and NextService. If you think we might be able to help you, then feel to reach out to speak to one of our Field Service ERP experts.

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