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The ‘Holy Grail’ of supply chain excellence. Align your entire operational process to identifying areas for improvement. Find solutions to make you more profitable, agile and improve the flow of value to customers.

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This guide supports our mission to help customers achieve operating excellence using NetSuite + NextService. This document will demonstrate how you can remove the frustrations associated with supply chain businesses, empower your workforce and embed a culture of change within your business.

Achieve operational excellence quicker and easier.

In this guide, you’ll find what is Operational Excellence. Read about the flow of value to customers and agility and constant improvement. Find also two strategic use cases to improve operational potential. How to map the future of your organisation with operational excellence in front of mind?

Strategic use case: Available to Promise (ATP) system

This use case originates from a scenario where frustration is growing amongst customers and orders are continually being cancelled due to stock delivery promises regularly being missed. The company implements an ATP system for quoting that embeds a workflow approval for warehouse managers.

Stategic Use Case: implementing Service Triage

A company that deals with urgent requests takes over an hour to call back. This causes an enormous amount of stress for employees and leads to unhappy customers with a high rate of service contract cancellations. Read how they solved it by implementing a Service Triage Step.

Mapping the future of your organisation

We have compiled a 4 step process that you can follow to create the ideal conditions to succeed when mapping the future of your organisation with operational excellence front of mind.

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If you want to implement the right tools into your organisation in a way that’s sustainable, read this ebook by Klugo optimisation experts today. This guide will help you to develop a comprehensive blueprint for achieving operational excellence.


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