Klugo Customer Service updates

Case Management & Invoicing

Support Case Management Process Launched!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new support case management process, aimed at streamlining our customer service experience.

Commencing 1 July 2024, Klugo Consultants will now provide formal estimates for work with a clearly documented scope & hours of effort for your approval prior to execution. This new approval process aims to assist you with managing priorities and budgets for requested work and provide simplified invoicing to track completed casework.

  • Casework expected to be completed in under 8 hours will be executed as normal on a T&M basis with regular updates between Klugo and the customer via NS Case email.
  • For work estimated to take between 8 to 19 hours, we will provide a formal estimate to approve before proceeding with the work. Customers must provide written approval for the estimate, either via email or a wet signature. Once the estimate is approved, work commences as scheduled.
  • For work estimated to take 20 or more hours, the scope of work will be documented in a SOW which will be issued to the customer via SignNow.  The SOW will include details such as case deliverables, effort timelines, resource requirements, project management, UAT & Go Live/Post Go Live support and any other relevant information.
  • Work that is estimated to take 80+ hours are managed as projects within our NS system. Regular updates are provided to the customer from the Project regarding the phase, status, milestones achieved, and any deviations from the agreed-upon scope. The SOW will also outline deliverables, effort timelines, resource requirements, project management, UAT & Go Live/Post Go Live support and any other relevant information.

Scope Deviations to Initial Request

  • When providing feedback on the work completed, customers will occasionally raise additional considerations that were not included in the initially scoped solution. Whenever the customer requests additional work that was not factored into the initial estimate and not documented in the original scope outline, these requests are considered to be deviations from scope. In this scenario a variation estimate will be issued for approval & sign off before proceeding.

Changes to Invoicing Format

  • Invoices will continue to be generated based on the actual time spent, as per the terms of the Customer Support Services Agreement and issued according to the agreed billing schedule. Fixed-price projects will be invoiced against a pre-determined billing schedule in SOW.

  • With the introduction of issuing estimates/SOW via NetSuite, we have enabled a more automated approach to our Invoicing process, including the format of invoice information.

  • Invoices will now display a summary format showing the Case # & description or SOW# & description with total hours for the billing period. The automation of invoicing from NetSuite has provided greater efficiency for the Klugo Consultants. Rather than spending additional administration time on preparing & summarising individual casework manually, this automation is intended to reduce case/project overhead greatly. It is also anticipated this will make it easier for customers to track project spending against estimates/sows rather than manually working through individual invoice lines.

Customer Communication

  • Throughout the process, clear and timely communication will be maintained with the customer. 

  • Customers will be kept informed about the progress of their requests, any changes in scope or timelines, and billing-related matters.

  • Our team is available to address any questions or concerns raised by the customer regarding the billing process or work performed.

This initiative is designed to expedite the resolution of cases, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently and provide greater transparency on your budget by case/project with Klugo. We appreciate your patience during this transition and encourage you to keep an eye out for further communications regarding your specific case/project.  


Coming next: 

We’re excited to announce that planning is underway of Phase 2 to enhance our Customer Service. We are very keen to improve your Customer Centre user experience and are investigating the best way to make it easier to log & track your active cases, review previous case history and estimates, introduce a Knowledge Base to support quick self-service and any other NetSuite product or services highlights that may be of interest. Stay tuned!

Client Testimonials

“We asked Klugo to think creatively, and together, we solved the NetSuite setup; it was a massive win for us. Our account managers can be out there in the community instead of sitting behind a computer inputting orders.”
Ellie Davidson
Operations Manager, TLA Merchandise
“Klugo tailored NetSuite to the needs of a machinery manufacturer, now it’s a task-driven application that suits our purposes brilliantly. We were able to reduce our customers’ wait time for deliveries and save on transportation costs.”
Jay Chirnside
General Manager, Kerfab
“Klugo were flexible and professional, supporting us in our hour of need. They enabled us to onboard a whole remote finance team and ensure continuity. I look forward to working with them to optimise dashboards and reporting so we can work smarter, not harder.”
Nigel Dearing
CEO, Nuffield Group