NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software creates a 360-degree view of your business

Know your customers. NetSuite CRM is the one business platform that integrates accounting, operations, and customer relationship management. Your one solution to provide a 360-degree view of customer activity, sales, and key performance indicators.

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Enterprise Resource Management


Manufacturing Execution System


Field Service Management


Configure, Price, and Quote

An end-to-end solution to drive your sales process.

Unlock your operating potential with NetSuite CRM, the world’s leading cloud business platform. Klugo streamlines your standard operating procedures based on NetSuite CRM leading practices.


NetSuite CRM is built to drive your sales process from end-to-end. All your customer activity, transactions, and relationship data are accessed and managed in one system.

A thorough, holistic, and comprehensive view of your customers leads to an improved customer experience. Allowing you to build customer loyalty and increase sales.

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Key Benefits NetSuite CRM

One streamlined system for lead-to-cash that speeds up sales and increases your average selling price.

Improve net operating profit by increasing close rates and reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Access more accurate performance and sales forecasting to improve demand planning and revenue projections.

Sales Force Automation features

A powerful system that accelerates your sales organisation with integrated quotes, opportunities, and sales order management. NetSuite CRM is fully integrated with accounting, production management, supply chain and demand planning so that your sales organisation has complete visibility of product availability.

Account Management

Customisable dashboards that allow you to pinpoint precisely where a customer is in their customer journey.

Sales Team Productivity

Optimise your sales team with powerful tools that for funnel and opportunity stages, tactics and process.

Quote and Order Management

Streamline the quote generation process with automatic alerts for fulfillment and sales order progression.

Performance Analytics

View a dashboard that turns trends into actionable insights that increase sales close rates and speed.

Having a deeper understanding of your customers allows you to not only shorten your sales cycle, and deliver customer value. We help you optimise customer journey and sales performance.

Opportunity Management Features

If you work within a complex selling scenario with stages and sales teams, NetSuite CRM allows you to implement your sales methodology using workflows and configurable reporting fields. Allowing you to capture sales information to qualify each stage and progress the opportunity.

More sales forecasting predictability and better opportunity qualification. 

Sales Activity and Comms

Create sales reminders, automate reporting metrics and track important sales communication.

Quotation and Estimating

Customise the quoting process with detailed opportunity and client based information.

Sales Forecasting

Forecast, fine-tune and report on the sales process and continually optimise it based on relevant and real-time data.

Service Management

Create deeper customer insights right from the customer dashboard where you can view key performance indicators, financial measures, operational measures, and service desk performance. Enabling you to see current period and lifetime sales at a detailed transaction level.

Effective service management allows sales and support teams to work together with complete transparency in NetSuite CRM to drive increased revenue.

Case Management

A fully configurable inbound support and communication platform with service level reporting.

Knowledge Management

Traianing and support is simplified with a buildable library of knowledge posts and information.

Customer Portal

Better customer communications with knowledgebase, online portal, and service request capability.

Your relationship with your customer needs to be one in which you understand their needs and requirements. When you can see their vision, you can provide tangible value. Giving your sales team access to information that creates value for your customers is a powerful way grow your business.

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Klugo are committed to our customers

Achieving operational excellence for our customers is at the core of what we aim to do. Klugo’s mission is to develop a process that allows every team member within an organisation to continuously improve the flow of value to their customers.

Headland Technology

Headland Technology supplies leading machinery technology, software and services and are embracing the future with IoT, Industry 4.0, Automation and Additive Manufacturing. Proactive customer service is the cornerstone of successful long-term relationships with customers.


Aquatec has had 30 years experience providing water and wastewater solutions to local government and commercial enterprises through the Australasian region. With plans to expand the business and improve on efficiencies, Aquatec required a system that would grow with their business.

Ecolab Healthcare

Ecolab Healthcare Australia is a leading supplier of both laboratory and medical equipment with over 2,000 customers throughout Australia & New Zealand. Ecolab supply their medical and scientific equipment from a head office in Melbourne and satellite offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Klugo – Your strategic partner

Klugo are the largest NetSuite dedicated partner in APAC, and have specialised teams to support you through implementation and post Go Live. Our Managed Services customers benefit from live and local support, continual improvement and account management programs and have access to some of the industry’s leading NetSuite experts.

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