Electrical and solar equipment manufacturers and distributors implement ERP to optimise resourcing

Manufacturers and distributors of energy equipment need complete visibility over work orders, supply chain,  installation, service and maintenance requests. NetSuite ERP provides access to the entire picture in one system.

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NetSuite removes distribution barriers, helps you engage suppliers, track service and reach more customers. All in the one system.

The combination of NetSuite’s ERP platform and NextService field service management software for solar panel manufacturing, installation and servicing increases productivity in your business by boosting productivity and minimising costs.

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NetSuite + NextService gives a 360 degree view of sales, inventory and service levels

Boost technicians’ productivity and apply  installation leading practice processes with complete workflow available in the field on the mobile app.

Access all inventory, sales, and service data in the field.  Field force automation for work orders, expenses and timesheets. Online and offline modes supported..

Multi location distribution management with real time inventory and supply chain tracking. End to end demand planning.

Connecting the core components of electrical & solar supplies, install and servicing.

Accounting ,CRM, job costing, project management, payroll, field force automation and demand planning. One system for the complete management of inventory, resources, jobs and service requests.

NetSuite solutions that will work for you:


Solar manufacturing with greater visibility

NetSuite Manufacturing Execution System (MES) allows solar manufacturers to gather a complete picture of their production. The Production Management solution within NetSuite ultimately helps production scheduling make more informed decisions, with complete visibility over sales demand and supply chain.

Product Data Management

Determine expected labour and machine costs with more precision.

Work Order Management

A fully traceable, quality controlled materials and order management system.

Planning and Scheduling

Predict material demand based on historical and forecasted solar parts sales.

Quality Assurance of Solar Goods

Maintain and manage your quality and assurance tests with accurate data.

The supply and servicing of large scale renewable projects requires adopting a deep and granular understanding of your supply chain. NetSuite and NextService come together to provide a real-time overview and access to supply management and field servicing.

Accounting for solar supply and installation companies that improves project scalability

Complete visibility is essential. NetSuite ERP enables teams to work collaboratively, manage projects effectively and reduce admin.

Electrical & solar specific accounting features

Complete set of tools to control all renewable energy project accounting requirements.

360 degree view sales and supplies

Information on lead and opportunity progression is immediately available to enable a faster sales cycle.

Project management with real time data

Get a deeper understanding of job tasks and track detailed information to ensure accurate task rollout.

Inventory and supply chain

Control all inventory locations as well as manage stock items such as lots and batches.

Optimised workflow for solar

NetSuite’s on platform workflow approval engine allows you to define your business approval routing and rules.

Klugo are committed to our customers

Achieving operational excellence for our customers is at the core of what we aim to do. Our mission is to help customers achieve operational excellence using NetSuite + NextService.

Headland Technology

Headland Technology supplies leading machinery technology, software and services and are embracing the future with IoT, Industry 4.0, Automation and Additive Manufacturing. Proactive customer service is the cornerstone of successful long-term relationships with customers.


Aquatec has had 30 years experience providing water and wastewater solutions to local government and commercial enterprises through the Australasian region. With plans to expand the business and improve on efficiencies, Aquatec required a system that would grow with their business.

Ecolab Healthcare

Ecolab Healthcare Australia is a leading supplier of both laboratory and medical equipment with over 2,000 customers throughout Australia & New Zealand. Ecolab supply their medical and scientific equipment from a head office in Melbourne and satellite offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Klugo is your ideal partner to deploy, support and optimise your business process and systems. We help customers with business transformation by utilising the NetSuite ERP platform. We unlock your business value by enabling operational excellence.

The simplest way to manage the servicing, maintenance and warrantly for solar companies

Service, maintenance and warranty is a large piece of the puzzle for many solar based businesses. Complete visibility over technicians and the status of ongoing jobs allows businesses to close the loop faster and deliver more value to customers.

Field Mobility of Solar Technicians

A seamless connectivity between mobile app and NetSuite ensures improved accuracy in the field taking records.

Maintenance of Solar Parts

NetSuite + NextService MES helps technicians create a fully visible picture to improve maintenance workflows.

Inventory in the Field

Keep detailed records of technician stock levels with field barcode scan and serial number support.

Warranties & Repair

Create a full log of warranties/repairs and workflows to maximise the visibility between office and technician.

Klugo offer a tailored solution to help solar manufacturers and distributors achieve operational excellence

Operationally excellent manufacturers are using ERP to increase their revenue by lowering production costs and ramping up production with accurate sales forecasting avoiding the risk of unsold stock. 

Our solution is helping manufacturers to unlock their full operating potential.

Klugo’s NetSuite ERP implementation

We have selected the worlds leading cloud ERP, Oracle NetSuite + NextService as our business platform of choice to help Australian businesses achieve operational excellence. Why? Because cloud business platforms are future proof, this enables our customers take advantage of emerging IoT and AI technologies. 

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