Software that’s built for machinery and equipment distribution businesses.

NetSuite is a solution that is designed to create streamlined customer engagement, product tracking, fast fulfillment and more for distribution businesses.

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NetSuite allows machinery and equipment distribution businesses to create a customer service experience that will help you up-sell.

Maximising profitability in the distribution of machinery and equipment comes down to creating a consistent buyer experience. Understanding the flow of products, creating visibility for customers and creating an omnichannel commerce experience are key to improving your distribution effectiveness.

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NetSuite ERP/CRM is transforming machinery & equipment distribution

Create the perfect customer experience with faster delivery in a system that connects all core business systems

Create a better connection between suppliers and customers with an interconnected commerce process

Create a 360 degree view of product availability, sales opportunities, customer engagement & fulfillment

Connecting the core components of distribution

Sales orders, inventory management, transfer orders, logistics/delivery, sales and support are all streamlined and visible in NetSuite. Allowing your business to create a personalised customer experience.

NetSuite solutions that will work for you:


360 degree distribution features

Equipment and machinery distributors selling high value goods require visibility over the entire lifecycle of the product. NetSuite is a single cloud based platform that provides a powerful, scalable and flexible solution.

Omnichannel Commerce & Engagement

Engage with your customers everywhere and track their activity across multiple channels.

Stronger Supplier & Vendor Relationships

Streamline the purchasing process between vendor orders and supplier delivery.

Inventory Management & Tracking

Deliver equipment and machinery faster with deeper metrics that create more visibility over the status of inventory.

Transfer Orders

Easily and quickly transfer parts across the business, from one warehouse to another.

Logistics & Delivery Management

Understand the movements and status of your delivery orders with powerful tracking metrics.

360 Sales View & Support Management

Create complete visibility into opportunities and pipelines whilst giving your after sales team everything they need.

NetSuite ERP/CRM manages every step of machinery and equipment distribution. Giving you greater visibility over the entire lifecycle of customer acquisition. Allowing you to exceed expectations by delivering every product on-time and without disruption.

Klugo are committed to our customers

Achieving operational excellence for our customers is at the core of what we aim to do. Our mission is to help customers achieve operational excellence using NetSuite + NextService.

Headland Technology

Headland Technology supplies leading machinery technology, software and services and are embracing the future with IoT, Industry 4.0, Automation and Additive Manufacturing. Proactive customer service is the cornerstone of successful long-term relationships with customers.


Aquatec has had 30 years experience providing water and wastewater solutions to local government and commercial enterprises through the Australasian region. With plans to expand the business and improve on efficiencies, Aquatec required a system that would grow with their business.

Ecolab Healthcare

Ecolab Healthcare Australia is a leading supplier of both laboratory and medical equipment with over 2,000 customers throughout Australia & New Zealand. Ecolab supply their medical and scientific equipment from a head office in Melbourne and satellite offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Klugo is your ideal partner to deploy, support and optimise your business process and systems. We help customers with business transformation by utilising the NetSuite ERP platform. We unlock your business value by enabling operational excellence.

Have a business that does service, maintenance and warranty as well as distribution?

Distribution of equipment and machinery is one piece of the puzzle. But for businesses that also perform service, maintenance and warranty, they need a system that completes the loop.

Field Mobility

A seamless connectivity between mobile app and NetSuite ensures improved accuracy in the field taking records.


NetSuite + NextService MES helps technicians create a fully visible picture to improve maintenance workflows.

Inventory in the Field

Keep detailed records of technician stock levels with field barcode scan and serial number support.

Warranties & Repair

Create a full log of warranties/repairs and workflows to maximise the visibility between office and technician.

Understanding the flow of value to customers is the key to achieving operational excellence

Being stuck in the middle of the supply chain between manufacturers and commercial customers, wholesale distributors have seen margins erode due to changing market conditions and the targeted reduction intermediaries from both ends of the supply chain.

Mapping the flow of value via customer experience is what many distributors are doing to improve operating profits.

Klugo’s NetSuite ERP implementation

We have selected the worlds leading cloud ERP, Oracle NetSuite + NextService as our business platform of choice to help Australian businesses achieve operational excellence. Why? Because cloud business platforms are future proof, this enables our customers take advantage of emerging IoT and AI technologies. 

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