Warehouse Software Helps Distributors Solve Top 5 Industry Challenges

Warehouse software and technology helps solve key challenges within the warehouse distribution industry.

Challenge 1:  Warehouse Stock Inventory 

Distributors know the key challenges around stock inventory are mainly, location of stock, storage of stock, security issues and lost stock. These are continual challenges warehouses face when optimised warehouse systems or have software is in place.

Solution 1: Educate yourself on Warehouse Software

So you might have heard about Industry 4.0 but if you’re not all over it? Attend seminars (Klugo is running one next week, email the marketing team to find out more) and download information such as our Industry 4.0 Cheat Sheet. Once you’re educated about the options, the benefits of the cloud and distribution software, automation and investment required, you’ll know the best way forward for your company.

Challenge 2: Warehouse Layout Optimisation 

Ensuring the layout is the most efficient for accessing and getting goods out the door. Of course, ensuring best sellers  are  most accessible, however, companies really need to think about investing in vertical storage solutions that automatically and safely retrieve goods with pick to light functions and if they are vertical you’ll also save on valuable floor space. The cost of these machines can pay for themselves within the first year. Even if you only consider the savings from lost stock and time spent stocktaking, from then on, it’s all profit for the business!

Solution 2: Research Automated Storage Solutions

Such as Hanel, that integrate with your warehouse software platform. Do your sums (request a ROI estimate) and you’d be surprised at how quickly you’ll see a return on your investment.

Challenge 3: Global Competition 

If you’re selling into the Australian market, competitive pricing is key. Every aspect of the business needs to be streamlined, especially within the warehouse and logistics department, you need to be able to compete with imports or else you are out of business before you even start.

“Many of our customers are managing  supply chains over multiple currencies, locations and timezones. This has been iIn the past, this has been a real challenge and can take many resources and time to co-ordinate. Moving to one warehouse system that can manage it all, is a real game changer”, says Annaliese Kloe, CEO, Klugo.

Solution 3: Research Cloud-Based Warehouse System

Search for a cloud-based warehouse system that can manage multiple currencies, locations and timezones and find an implementation partner that has the experience in your industry so they know what your key challenges are and how to fix them.

Challenge 4:  Peaks and Troughs in Warehouse Sales 

All industries have cyclical growth, if your warehouse is not optimised to deal with this, you may find you have to put on more people rather than using technology to scale up and down.

Solution 4: Research Best Ways to Optimise with Warehouse Software and Technology

what technology you need to optimise your warehouse, talk to colleagues and join LinkedIn forums to see what would benefit your business. Always think about the best time to implement new systems, allowing time to test and refine processes in your more quiet periods.

Challenge 5: Warehouse Supplier Relationships

Managing these efficiently to ensure goods are received on time, to know when goods are out of stock and when stock will be available is all essential to running a successful warehouse business.

“We all know this, but few of us know how to deal with this well, quite often we see what  people are constantly chasing their tails to ensure they receive goods on time to meet customer demand, or else they lose the sale. There is too much competition out there to fail to deliver goods in the time that customers expect” Annaliese Kloe, CEO, Klugo.

Solution 5: Define your Ideal Scenario

Speak with your suppliers and work with them, what systems do they have in place to deal with these sort of challenges and how can your systems work together? Research cloud-based platforms that are growing in world-wide adoption to ensure there are no issues with integration and there are experienced companies out there that can implement and help drive your business forward. Download the NetSuite Advanced Warehouse Brochure or visit our Equipment Distribution page. To speak to an Warehouse Software expert, call Klugo on 1300 766 011 or email hello@www.klugo.au

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