Make smarter decisions with a NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Unlock your operating potential with the world’s leading cloud business platform for wholesale distribution, manufacturing and field service. Klugo will help you deploy NetSuite ERP to begin your operational excellence transformation.

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An ERP that maximises your operational performance

Klugo is a NetSuite Solution Provider. We will help you unlock your operating potential with our customised deployment, support and optimisation service. We are your long-term optimisation partners for achieving operational excellence.


By deploying NetSuite ERP, the Klugo team will unlock your ability to drive your end-to-end business process. Giving you the power to access all your transactions and activity in one system, so that you can measure performance and optimise operations.

To achieve operational excellence, clear visibility of your entire business operations is crucial. Klugo will help you achieve this.

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Key Benefits of NetSuite ERP

Streamline all your business processes into one platform. Giving you one system with a 360 degree view of your business.

Make faster, smarter and more accurate decisions with all business data easily accessible in one system.

Scale your business by easily customising and enhancing NetSuite ERP to suit changing business and market conditions.

Financial Management Features

NetSuite ERP allows you to monitor the financial health of your business with real-time analytics that let you drill  into transactions form reports and dashboards. Produce financial reports, metrics and scorecards that allow you to track your business activity accurately in real-time form the one system.

General Ledger

Australian and IFRS compliant financial accounting system with drill down and up to source transactions. 

Accounts Receivables

Simple debtor management and customer  analytics that provides insights into day sales outstanding.

Accounts Payable

A simple way to manage supplier payments, volume schedules, contracts and payment discounts.

Fixed Asset Management

Complete asset lifecycle from commissioning to disposal. Supports multiple depreciation methods and pooled assets.

Klugo is your ideal partner to deploy, support and optimise your business process and systems. We help customers with business transformation by utilising the NetSuite ERP platform. We unlock your business value by enabling operational excellence.

Project and Job Accounting features

Manage resources, project tasks, milestones, time commitments and team capacity planning. NetSuite’s comprehensive performance and profitability reporting allows you to maximise team billables and utilisation. A single system to power your projects.

Project Management

See the end-to-end project lifecycle  with real-time task completion to track project performance.

Resource Management

Use resource skills and availability matching for project tasks assignment, capacity planning and effective time.

Project Accounting

Budget revenue and expenses. Cost time, materials and track sales and purchase order commitments. 

 Order Management features

NetSuite integrates sales orders, fulfilments and billing into one seamless, smooth business process. Order management improves fulfilment rates, reduces days sales outstanding and minimises customer returns.

Pricing and Promotion

Customise pricing models according to customer profile, marketing campaigns and promotions.

Sales Order Management

Prioritise sales order fulfilment based on customer profiles and supply chain demand planning.

Returns Management

Simplify customer issue management with RMA workflows with approvals via a customer portal.

Klugo turns on the NetSuite ERP ROI clock as soon as possible to maximise the benefits operational excellence.

Our goal is to unlock your operating potential to improve business performance.

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Supply chain management features

NetSuite ERP’s supply chain management features allow you to use one business platform to analyse, execute and support your supply chain management plans. With an integrated demand planning feature plugged into sales order management, manufacturing, and warehouse operations.

Demand Planning

Use insightful data integrated with your CRM to analyse business demand history to forecast sales and purchasing.

Demand and Supply Management

Improve accuracy in supply by balancing demand with forecasted stock levels.

Purchase Order Management

Create customised conditions and approval workflows to ensure manage purchase commitments and supplier pricing.

Transfer Orders

Create full stock visibility with fulfilment and receiving tracking whilst balancing stock between locations.

Work Order Management

Manage multi level Bill of Materials (BOMs) with inventory commitment available to promise (ATP).   

Business transformation through operational excellence begins with aligning business requirements, outlining a minimum viable solution (MVS) and configuring a system to optimise workflow automation. Klugo’s agile engagement is the key to unlocking operational excellence and enabling business optimisation.

Warehouse and fulfilment features

Delivering products on time with maximum efficiency is key. NetSuite ERP warehouse and fulfilment features are supported across mobile and allow you to customise tasks to ensure accurate data collection for accurate stock and cycle counting activities.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory, kits, serialised and lot track items across across multiple locations.

Inbound Logistics

Mobile device scanning, quality assurance and a simple customer returns.

Outbound Logistics

A streamlined pick, pack and ship solution with simplified intercompany trading options.

Warehouse management system

WMS for wave picking, directed put away and cycle counting.

Klugo are committed to our customers

Achieving operational excellence for our customers is at the core of what we aim to do. Our mission is to help customers achieve operational excellence using NetSuite + NextService.

Headland Technology

Headland Technology supplies leading machinery technology, software and services and are embracing the future with IoT, Industry 4.0, Automation and Additive Manufacturing. Proactive customer service is the cornerstone of successful long-term relationships with customers.


Aquatec has had 30 years experience providing water and wastewater solutions to local government and commercial enterprises through the Australasian region. With plans to expand the business and improve on efficiencies, Aquatec required a system that would grow with their business.

Ecolab Healthcare

Ecolab Healthcare Australia is a leading supplier of both laboratory and medical equipment with over 2,000 customers throughout Australia & New Zealand. Ecolab supply their medical and scientific equipment from a head office in Melbourne and satellite offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Klugo’s NetSuite ERP implementation

We have selected the worlds leading cloud ERP, Oracle NetSuite + NextService as our business platform of choice to help Australian businesses achieve operational excellence. Why? Because cloud business platforms are future proof, this enables our customers take advantage of emerging IoT and AI technologies. 

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