In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, effective asset management is crucial for Field Service Management (FSM) companies to stay ahead of the curve. The challenges of tracking, managing, and optimising assets can be overwhelming without the right tools in place,

In this article, we will explore how NetSuite and Next Service offer a powerful solution for optimised asset management, and why working with Klugo, industry experts in FSM, NetSuite, and Next Service, is a must for field service companies looking to invest in world-leading technology.


The struggles of asset management without ERP technology

Field Service Management (FSM) companies without ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) technology struggle to effectively track, manage, and optimise assets. It can be confusing finding the right solution for your business and staying up to date with the latest ideas and technologies.

And then there’s the question of choosing between an Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAMS) and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Which do you need? Typically a company that manufactures, installs and maintains machinery requires a robust EAMS, and one that only provides maintenance requires a CMMS. But why limit your business opportunities? A CMMS and an EAMS are both important components of asset management. If you’re looking to grow your business, select a solution that can scale with you, incorporating both types of systems within one solution. Such a solution ultimately reduces capital and operating expenditures for businesses that implement it. Very few platforms offer both; NetSuite + Next Service does.

Imbema: A success story in optimised asset management

Imbema, a family-owned business based in the Netherlands, faced challenges with their diverse business units involved in lubrication, piping, cleaning, climate control, gas detection, road construction, and more. Before implementing NetSuite and Next Service, each business unit was using separate manual processes to manage their service operations, resulting in disjointed systems and redundant data entry.

Imbema recognised the need to modernise their service activities and chose NetSuite for its robust features, customisation flexibility, and ability to handle complex workflows. To address their field service needs seamlessly, Imbema selected Next Service due to its ability to configure support for a wide range of functions, including work orders, scheduling, asset management, billing, reporting, and analytics.

The business impact of Next Service for Imbema

With Next Service and NetSuite working together on the same platform, Imbema experienced a host of positive outcomes:

  1. Workflows. Imbema could create fully integrated processes from start to finish, simplifying tasks such as scheduling, completing work orders, and generating invoices. This streamlining led to significant administrative time savings.
  2. Scheduling. Next Service’s scheduler proved invaluable for efficiently allocating jobs to technicians, ensuring high volumes of periodic maintenance tasks were scheduled accurately and preventing tasks from being overlooked.
  3. Asset Management. Next Service’s asset management capabilities helped Imbema track customer assets, manage return merchandise authorizations, and schedule regular maintenance tasks. This led to a 20% increase in contractual activities fulfilled and improved revenue.
  4. Reporting. Next Service and NetSuite’s seamless data sharing enabled Imbema to produce better reports much faster, providing executives with greater transparency into profitability and performance.
  5. Inventory. Next Service facilitated smoother inventory management, with real-time tracking and reduced discrepancies in audits of actual stock levels.

Next Service’s impact at Imbema has been wide-ranging and remarkable. “Next Service and NetSuite work together on the same platform to help us simplify and standardise processes among very diverse businesses that have little relationship to each other,” says Koos Verkleij, Director Service & Solutions at Imbema.

“When we create service cases, schedules, customer assets, and tasks, everything is stored inside of NetSuite, so all of this information is seamlessly available for billing, inventory, and financial reporting.”
Koos Verkleij, Director Service & Solutions at Imbema.

Why you should choose Klugo as your implementation partner?

The nub of the issue isn’t just choosing the right software, it’s making sure you effectively implement and work with that software. Imbema’s success serves as a powerful example of how industry experts like Klugo, specialising in FSM, NetSuite, and Next Service, can transform asset management and streamline field service operations. When you work with a local Australian partner that has specialised in the industry for more than a decade, you have the benefit of engaging in meaningful industry-savy conversations with experts and learn how to optimise and customise ERP for your FSM business.

Klugo’s expertise in implementing NetSuite and Next Service, along with their commitment to customer success, ensures that your business can maximise asset management efficiency and excellence. Klugo can be a catalyst for your business management team, generating conversations, exchanging ideas, exploring innovations, and diving into technical depths – all critical components for success in implementing ERP for the FSM industry.


Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best in the industry. Embrace the power of ERP technology tailored to your business needs and explore how we can help you unlock the full potential of optimised asset management for your FSM company. The future of your field service business begins with a conversation – seize the opportunity now.


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