Rolling with the punches, tactics for medical device suppliers.

Lately, the healthcare industry has been a rollercoaster, and medical device suppliers are having a bumpy ride.


Back in 2020, everyone learned about respirators. It was a wake-up call. Suddenly, Aussies who never gave a second thought about the medical supply chain were aware of our vulnerability to disruptions.

Device suppliers have been dealing with these challenges long before the rest of us caught on, but disruption is coming faster. Just recently, the Cancer Council warned about the vaping epidemic; they reckon it could lead to more hospital visits down the line.

And it’s not just local stuff; overseas conflicts can throw a real spanner in the works for medical suppliers. And even viral trends like Ozempic. One minute, nobody’s heard of it, and the next, everyone’s clamouring for it like it’s the next big thing.

It’s a wild ride, but that’s the nature of the game. Suppliers have to stay on their toes and roll with the punches in an ever-changing industry.


The one thing suppliers can rely on is its unpredictability.

The healthcare industry is as unpredictable as the weather in Melbourne. So, how can your medical device business prepare for the curveballs?

For starters, integrating everything from finance to sales and services is key. None of this paper invoicing nonsense anymore – it’s all about streamlining accounting and making sure your data is solid.

Then, bring a CRM that includes all aspects like inventory, sales, and service history, even better if it has advanced features like quote management and pricing configuration to help you follow and close those hard, long sales.

And speaking of service, bring field service management into the equation. Turn on autopilot with your operations – work orders, scheduling, dispatching, all in sync with your accounting and CRM.

Plus, with solid FSM software, your technicians on-site get all the tools they need, which amps up accountability and helps them nail those billable hours. With customer history and machine manuals right on their phones, their jobs are so more manageable.

Lastly, inventory. Trying to manage inventory manually is like driving blindfolded – you’re bound to crash. Real-time visibility, compliance tracking, and keeping tabs on vendors are all vital to staying ahead of the game, especially post-pandemic, having visibility is crucial.

It’s all about being ready to adapt, grow, and conquer; with the right systems in place, you can surf these waves.


App-powered is so 2010s; data-driven is now.

Having all that data is great, but if it’s scattered across a bunch of different apps that don’t talk to each other, you’re in for a world of hurt.

It’s like buying random gourmet exotic ingredients – they’re top-notch on their own, but when you mix them, they speak different culinary languages. The result it’s a bit of a letdown, you know?

That’s where ERP comes in, and NetSuite is the Swiss Army knife of cloud platforms, especially recommended by Klugo for medical device businesses.

NetSuite covers everything from inventory and orders to financials, CRM, and field service management. With thousands of happy customers globally, it’s a real game-changer in the industry.

Activating the Inventory Management module is like having a crystal ball. You get a 360-degree view of stock levels, deliveries are on point, and you’re not drowning in excess or running out when you need it.

The automation features are a lifesaver. No more manual reorder points or juggling supplier info – NetSuite handles it all. Plus, you can keep tabs on supplier performance and create scorecards.

With all data in a single source, you can activate Demand Planning and Forecasting. Then you’re not just reacting; you’re staying ahead of the game. Machine learning algorithms and scenario planning tools help you anticipate changes and adapt quickly.

That’s the beauty of it! It’s all about having the right tools in place. With NetSuite, you’re not just data-driven; you’re data-smart.


Why should you go with a NetSuite Solution Provider?

We get that going straight to the source can seem tempting, but trust us on this – things are far easier when you join with a dedicated NetSuite partner who gets you.

Klugo’s consultants aren’t just tech-smart; they’re also industry experts who know the ins and outs of the medical device supply game.

With Klugo on board, you can fine-tune alerts and recommendations, making sure we’ve got the right stock levels and reorder points to keep disruptions at bay.

Staying on top of the game with NetSuite means you’re always ready, and with Klugo’s optimisations, you’re not just surviving but thriving.

We can help you stay ahead in the fast-paced healthcare industry. If you grow your supply and maintenance of these essential machines, more Aussies will stay healthy. Cheers to partnerships that benefit us all!

About Klugo.

At Klugo, our goal is to make life easier for companies with fieldwork. We achieve this with NetSuite, an integrated platform that covers finances, scheduling and dispatch, maintenance, warehouse, production, sales, and more. We help businesses to keep things simple and better as they go—from initial deployment to continuous improvement— so their businesses run smoothly.

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