Klugo, a NetSuite Partner, the #1 Cloud ERP solution globally, is excited to be part of the NFC14 this year.

“We know the Franchise industry can really benefit from consolidation of systems. There are huge benefits to consolidating your multiple, disparate systems and running a single platform like NetSuite for all your ERP, CRM, POS, and eCommerce needs. These benefits can be seen at the Head Office and Franchisee level. Franchisors can learn from some of the big players as NetSuite has been successfully implemented with other retailers such as HairHouse Warehouse and Williams-Sonoma”, says Tania Large, Sales Executive at Klugo.

Challenges Facing Franchise Groups

Often Franchise groups have grown organically, adding software and processes as needed, resulting in;
  • duplication of work and complexities
  • Clunky processes involving; system updates, version control issues, upgrading servers or technology to support it
  • Floundering with VPNs
  • Growing IT budget to support on-premise systems

The Key is an Omnichannel Experience

Retail businesses today need to provide an omni-channel experience, as consumers have come to expect it. Franchise groups also face the added challenge of fragmented systems, control and visibility of inventory across the network, and maintenance of their brand. Surprisingly, there are very few solutions for franchise groups, and even fewer that address the needs of both head office and the stores themselves.

NetSuite Provides this Solution

NetSuite wraps up the Omnichannel experience with; financial reporting, POS, inventory management, demand planning, logistics and eCommerce all in one system. This system also expands with the Franchise, so those looking to expand Globally and enter off-shore markets, NetSuite will grow with you, all while maintaining brand integrity, processes and the customer experience. 

Talk to us at stand 46, if you would like to learn more about NetSuite. Our team has over a decade of experience with franchise groups and mass merchants, plus over 25 years experience in ERP systems. Register or find our more about NFC14.